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Harukas 300 Observatory

Southern Osaka, Osaka Prefecture
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Enjoy a panoramic view of Osaka from the Harukas 300 Observatory Deck
Get unobstructed views of Osaka from the tallest structure in the city
Breathe in the fresh air and see historical buildings like Osaka Castle and Shitennoji Temple
Indulge in spectacular views of the city, day or night
Good for:: Fun-Loving Families

What You’ll Experience

Occupying the top three floors of Abeno Harukas, the tallest skyscraper in Japan, Harukas 300 Observatory Deck offers visitors spectacular views of Osaka metropolitan area. From day to night, you can watch the city unravel its charms and see breathtaking views of historical sites, rivers, sea, mountains, and many more. 

Experience the thrill of floating over the city when you stand on the glass flooring or if you feel like enjoying the view in a less dizzying way, you can do so at the open-air deck located on the 58th floor. Under the shining sun, or by the glimmering city lights, there's no other way to enjoy Osaka than from the 300-meter high Harukas 300 Observatory Deck!

A sunny day in Osaka is best spent at Harukas 300!

Relax and enjoy the fresh air at this open-air deck

Feel the romantic atmosphere as the sun sets and the city lights up

Location Details

1 Chome-1-43 Abenosuji, Abeno Ward, Osaka,Osaka Prefecture
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How to Get There

By Other Transports

Please check the complete public transportation guide on this page.

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Additional Information

Plan your visit to the observatory based on the time of day. Visiting during the late afternoon or early evening allows you to enjoy both daytime and nighttime views. The sunset from this vantage point is especially stunning.
To avoid long lines and potential disappointment, consider purchasing your tickets in advance online or at the ticket counter earlier in the day.
The quality of your view greatly depends on the weather. If possible, check the weather forecast and aim to visit on a clear day for the best visibility. Fog or rain can obscure the panoramic views.
The Harukas 300 Observatory has a unique feature called the "Floating Garden." This open-air deck on the top floor provides a different perspective of the city. Don't miss the opportunity to step outside and take in the fresh air while enjoying the view.
Make the most of your visit to the Abeno Harukas complex by exploring other attractions within the building, such as the shopping mall and art museum. This way, you can have a full day of experiences in one location.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Harukas 300 Observatory ticket cost?
The ticket price for Harukas 300 Observatory start from ₱ 688.21. Visit this page to see more information about Harukas 300 Observatory pricing
When is Harukas 300 Observatory open?
Harukas 300 Observatory open at 09:00-22:00. For more information on operational days and hours, please find more on this page.
Where is the details location of Harukas 300 Observatory?
Harukas 300 Observatory is located at 1 Chome-1-43 Abenosuji, Abeno Ward, Osaka,Osaka Prefecture. Visit this page for guidance on how to get to Harukas 300 Observatory.
What are some similar places like Harukas 300 Observatory that can be found in Southern Osaka?
Similar places like Harukas 300 Observatory that can be found in Southern Osaka are Universal Studios Japan, COMBO: Universal Studios Japan + Osaka Amazing Pass, dan Japan JR Kansai Area Pass e-MCO E-Ticket.
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₱ 688.21
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Mon, 09:00-22:00
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