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Tours in Malaysia
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About Malaysia

Malaysia is a popular country in South East Asia for travelers. Its capital city, Kuala Lumpur, offers numerous attractions and landmarks worth your visits. Malaysia also has beautiful nature and rich cultural heritage. For those who prefer something modern, there are destinations with high-tech features you cannot miss. Malaysia tour packages are especially popular. Malaysia’s geography is unique because it is split into two main regions, separated by the South China Sea. The highest peak in Malaysia is the peak of Mount Kinabalu, which stands 4,095.2m high above Sabah (the Borneo part). Despite being the capital and the biggest city in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is not the center of government. The city of Putrajaya has that honor, but Kuala Lumpur is still revered as the center of trade and tourism.  The city is very modern, with reliable public transportation, a lot of restaurants and accommodations, and family-friendly destinations. Other popular areas in Malaysia include Ipoh, Kuching, Kinibalu City, Johor Bahru, George Town, Melaka, and Petaling Jaya. Each has its own unique characteristics, giving visitors great opportunities to explore different sides of Malaysia. Malaysian people are very diverse, consisting of several cultural backgrounds and ethnicities. The country is a home for the Malayan, Chinese, Indian, and people from other Asian countries. The largest population is Malayan, but Malaysian culture seamlessly blends various cultural aspects. Malaysia’s tourism industry is quite developed. The most recommended destinations include Petronas Towers, Mount Kinabalu, Batu Caves, Resort World Genting, Bintang Hill, Sipadan, and many more. You will need a lot of time to explore every wonder Malaysia has to offer. The easiest way to reach Malaysia is by plane. Malaysia has several large airports, such as Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Penang International Airport, and Langkawi International Airport. All of them serve domestic and international flights, both direct and with transits.  You can also reach Malaysia with land transportation from Singapore.

Malaysia Tour Package Review

Malaysia is a favorite destination for Indonesians and Singaporeans because of its adjacent location. Many people from these countries travel repeatedly because Malaysia has many interesting destinations. Travelers love searching for tour packages to Malaysia. Booking a tour package makes your trip more efficient and convenient, especially if you travel with families. Malaysia tour packages offer unique experiences with different destinations, from cultural spots to beautiful nature. A tour uses arranged schedules to explore various destinations in a more efficient way. Tour packages also give you more facilities, such as shuttle service, meal, and entrance tickets to theme parks or other places of interests. If you only have limited holiday time or budget, a tour package will make your trip more convenient.


Traveloka offers several recommended packages for you to try, such as

Mantanani Snorkeling + Kawa Kawa River Cruise – 1-day Tour

Mantanani Island is famous for its underwater paradise, making it an ideal place for snorkeling. This tour package takes you an unforgettable trip to the best snorkeling spots in Mantanani. Colorful corals and tropical fish make great underwater photos. After snorkeling, you can join a relaxing river cruise. The Kawa Kawa River is the habitat of proboscis monkeys. If you are lucky, you can take glimpses of these creatures between the trees. The tour starts at 7.00 (local time) from a port in Belud City. After snorkeling and river cruising, you will be served fantastic meals in a beautiful setting.

Around 19.00, the boat will take you to the mangrove forest. During the evening, the mangrove forest is full of cricket sounds and fireflies. It concludes a beautiful journey in Malaysia’s nature. The price starts from Rp1,231,168 per person.

Kinabalu Park and Poring Hot Spring Tour

Kinabalu Park is Malaysia’s first national park and one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. The national park is a home for endemic plants and animals such as carnivorous plants, Kinabalu giant earthworm, and golden cicada. Kinabalu Park also has beautiful sceneries, trekking tracks, and lodges. Your first stop is the Nabalu Market, a local market that sells various souvenirs, handicrafts, and snacks.

Poring Hot Spring is just 45-minute drive away from Nabalu Market. The route to this hot spring is full of beautiful views, such as horse farms and vegetable fields. The area also has several flower orchards, including orchid gardens. The tour starts at 8.00 (local time) when you are picked up from the hotel.

Best of Kuala Lumpur – Half Day Tour

Kuala Lumpur has a lot of attractions to see, so you need a guide to find the most iconic spots for a short tour. This half-day tour takes you to iconic places such as Petronas Towers, the King’s Palace, and the National Mosque. Tugu Negara (The National Monument) is a landmark built to commemorate the fallen heroes from Malaysia’s struggles for independence.

You can choose a tour package that starts in the morning or afternoon. The morning tour starts at 9.30, while the afternoon one starts at 14.30. The tour costs Rp191,515 per person, and includes shuttle services.

Cameron Highlands Tour

Cameron Highlands Tour package brings you to BOH Plantation, Malaysia’s biggest producer of black tea. The tea plantation and nearby farm offer amazing views and fresh air. The nearby Lata Iskandar Waterfall is a great spot for relaxing and taking pictures. The tour starts at 7.00 (local time) when you are picked up from the hotel and ends at 18.00. The price starts at Rp777,239, which includes water, meal, and professional guide.

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, Butterfly Park, and Orchid Garden

This tour takes you to see 3,000 orchid species, 5,000 butterfly species, and walk-in aviaries. You can also see 120 species of exotic plants at the Butterfly Park, along with several fish and reptiles. The tour is perfect for family trips, especially since Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park is the biggest in the world. 

You can choose between morning and afternoon tour, which starts at 8.45 and 13.15 respectively. The short tour gives you time for free exploration time in Kuala Lumpur. The tour price starts from Rp588,590 at Traveloka.

Malaysia tour packages from Traveloka are great alternatives for convenient trips. Choose the tour with your favorite activities and enjoy your time without worries.