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South Korea
Teseum Teddy Bear Safari and Themepark (Seoul Branch)
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Teseum Teddy Bear Safari and Themepark (Seoul Branch)

South Korea
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Enter Teseum, one of the most unique museums in the world that will leave a permanent smile on your face
Get along with the teddy bears that you can touch and have a real interaction with
Discover some of the rarest life-size stuffed animals that you may not be able to find anywhere else in the world
Find your way out of the Mirror Maze, one of the museum's special attractions
Good for: Others, Taking Photos, Free Spirits, Fun-loving Families

What You’ll Experience

No one can resist a cute, fluffy teddy bear, and Teseum gives you just that! Spend your time mingling with teddy bears and life-size stuffed animals in the midst of bustling Seoul. As the world's first open participatory museum/theme park, you don't have to hold yourself back from touching or hugging them. Spend as much time as you want at each display that contains handmade teddies and their fellow stuffed animals without a glass wall that restricts your experience.

Also included in your ticket is Mirror Maze, one of the museum's special attractions where you must find your way out of the confusing labyrinth. Take your loved ones to experience this magical part of the world only at Teseum Teddy Bear Safari and Themepark in Seoul!


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Teseum Teddy Bear Safari (Seoul Branch), B1, Season Building, 19 Jibong-ro, Changsin 1(il)-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
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Teseum Teddy Bear Safari and Themepark (Seoul Branch)

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Next Available Date: Sun,29 Nov 2020
Opening Hours (Local Time) : Sun,08:30-19:00
( Last Redemption Time: 18:00 )
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  • Monday: 08:30 - 19:00
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