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Thanh Xuan District
Thuong Dinh Ward
tiNiWorld Hanoi Premium Tickets - Access to All Locations in Hanoi
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tiNiWorld Hanoi Premium Tickets - Access to All Locations in Hanoi

Thanh Xuan District
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A fun time for kids at an amazing price!

Tra M. P. - Mon, 21 October 2019

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Let your kid enjoy fun games such as ball pit, Barbie House, baby box for children under 2 years old, and more in 6 zones: Playland, Discovery, Creative Garage, Snack Bar, Game Arcade, and New Activities
Help improve physical strength, communication, learning, and teamwork of your kid
Organize special events for your kid such as birthday and Christmas parties
Enjoy an exciting edutainment experience with your kid
Good for: Entertainment, Taking Photos, Adventure Junkies, Learning & Development, Fun-loving Families

What You’ll Experience

EXCLUSIVE at Traveloka Xperience: Book in advance with long validity!

Booking and Validity Period: UNTIL MARCH 31, 2021



In order to uphold the highest standard of hygiene and safety, tiNiWorld is applying these safety procedures at all tiNiWorld and tiNiPark locations:

The ball houses are cleaned with modern technology to help sterilize and sanitize the balls as much as possible.
Spraying and disinfecting all playing areas with equipment and disinfectant solutions according to standards applied in hospitals, schools, airports, etc.
All toys are cleaned regularly with a standard antiseptic solution.
The sanitizing solution is equipped in many areas of the center so that customers can perform hand hygiene for themselves and their children,


All customers will be taken body temperature by the staff, disinfect hands with hand sanitizer, and are required to wear masks before entering the center.
All staff have body temperature taken and their health monitored, wash their hands frequently, and always wear masks during work.
These hygiene procedures and standards are not only applied during the pandemic season, but tiNi has been and will always be implementing on a regular basis to ensure a healthy environment for every child.


If you're looking for a playground for your kid, then tiNiWorld is exactly what you need! An edutainment destination designed specifically with kids in mind, every game — divided into 6 zones which are Playland, Discovery, Creative Garage, Snack Bar, Game Arcade, and New Activities — aims to improve your kid's physical strength, communication skill, academic skill, and teamwork.

What's more, is tiNiWorld is also the perfect place for you to host special occasions such as surprise birthday parties or Christmas get-togethers for your kids. This is the place where kids can be kids!


Premium tickets are valid at all tiNiWorld locations in Hanoi City


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Ngách 190/7, Khu đô thị Royal City, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội, Vietnam
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tiNiWorld Hanoi Premium Tickets - Access to All Locations in Hanoi

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