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16 Mar 2023 - 4 min read

5 Best Hotels in Davao with Pools: Ultimate Guide to one of Philippines’ Best City

Find the best hotels in Davao with pools for the perfect family trip, along with some useful travel tips!

If you want to visit Davao to experience its rich culture and mouth watering delicacies, then you need to look for the best hotels in Davao City with pools. Why a pool? Because the Philippines has a tropical atmosphere. A dip in the water will surely help your body cool down after a long day of exploration in Davao.

Fortunately, when it comes to accommodations in Davao, hotel pools are the most featured amenities they use to attract guests. This means you won’t have a hard time searching for a swimming pool. Hotels themselves would be looking for you.

Are you still unsure which hotel you should go to? Worry not because we are going to make your decision-making process easy. Buckle on as we give you suggestions of the best hotels Davao has to offer.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Hotel in Davao With a Pool


Get this: Davao City is one of the safest cities in the entire world. That is an amazing feat considering the Philippines' overall crime rate. If security is one of your major concerns when it comes to travelling in the country, then Davao would give you the assurance you need.

So, if you’re looking for family-friendly hotels in Davao City with pools, you can calm down knowing that you’re safe in the city.


Davao had received the ASEAN clean tourist city awards. This happened thanks to their local government and locals’ efforts to maintain sanitation. Expect a clean environment when you finally decide to visit Davao city.

Vibrant City Life

Just because Davao is clean and safe, that doesn’t necessarily mean it's boring. Davao has one of the best tourist activities, as well as the wildest nightlife the Philippines has to boldly offer. It's no wonder why luxury hotels exist in Davao City. With the pool as their featured facility, guests would surely have a great stay.

Aside from bars and clubs, Davao also has an open market that sells the best street foods.

Filipinos are known to have one of the strongest taste buds considering how powerful our foods’ flavours are. Aside from Filipino foods being well-seasoned, it almost always has some dipping sauce that enhances its taste. Visit these markets if you want to experience this.

Rich Cultural Heritage

Davao also has a rich cultural heritage. Indigenous groups in Davao still remain which include the Lumads and the Maranaos. Each of them has its own tradition, customs, and beliefs.

A celebration in Davao, called the Kadayawan Festival, is held to honour the diverse culture of people in Davao.


Davao offers a wide range of adventure activities, making it an ideal destination for thrill-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts. From trekking and hiking in the city's lush mountain ranges, to white-water rafting and kayaking on the Davao River, there is something for everyone.

To have a good rest, you must check inside a hotel with swimming pools. Davao can definitely offer that to you.

Top 5 Hotels With Pools In Davao City That You Should Consider

Dusit Thani Residence Davao

Dusit Thani is a luxurious hotel that prides itself on its elegant, Thai hospitality. It has a spacious outdoor pool with a blue-colored floor. Perfect for guests who want to sunbathe or night swimming.

This hotel is a perfect choice for those who want a tropical retreat in a five-star rated hotel.

Dusit Thani Residence Davao


Starts from ₱10,976.16

Acacia Hotel Davao

Acacia Hotel is one of the top-rated hotels in Davao, Philippines with pools. The hotel provides a “heartfelt” hospitality service to its guests. The rating itself testifies to how sincere their efforts are.

It has a Venado pool with a bar on the side. The pool radiates a blue light that beautifully enhances its aesthetics.

If you want to ensure good service in one of the best hotel pools in Davao City, then checking in at Acacia is an excellent idea.

Acacia Hotel Davao


Starts from ₱3,474.80

Park Inn by Radisson Davao

Park Inn is one of the best affordable hotels in Davao City with a pool. The hotel is perfectly situated near the airport which is perfect for business travelers who want to set themselves in the beating heart of Davao.

You can relax in their outdoor pool after a long day's worth of work. Next to the pool, you will find a pool lounge that offers a cocktail to make your leisure even better.

If you want affordable accommodation that will situate you in the middle of the city, then this one is the best for you.

Park Inn by Radisson Davao


Starts from ₱4,164.23

DusitD2 Davao

DusitD2 is another hotel in Davao that is located in the City’s heart. It’s located nearby the Francisco Bangoy International Airport, which makes it a perfect stay for travelers.

It has a big courtyard-style pool that relaxes and cools down their guests from the city’s tropical environment.

If you want to be located in the middle of the city for exploration, then this hotel is for you.

DusitD2 Davao


Starts from ₱7,162.16

Blue Lotus Hotel

Blue Lotus is an eco-friendly hotel that provides elegant and comfortable service to its guests. This hotel will give its visitors a stunning view of Mt. Apo, the Davao Gulf, and the Garden City of Samal.

It also has a top-of-the-line design for its pool that perfectly faces Davao’s beautiful sunset.

If you want an eco-friendly stay in Davao, then go to the Blue Lotus Hotel.

Blue Lotus Hotel


Starts from ₱3,476.33

What to Look for When Choosing the Right Hotel With Pool In

When choosing the right hotel with a pool in Davao, consider the following factors:
Location: Choose a hotel that is close to the places you want to visit in Davao.
Pool Quality: Check if the pool is clean, well-maintained, and has enough space for you to swim and relax.
Amenities: Look for a hotel that offers additional amenities such as a gym, spa, or restaurant.
Room Quality: Consider the size and comfort level of the rooms, as well as the available amenities such as air conditioning, TV, and Wi-Fi.
Price: Determine your budget and compare prices of different hotels to find one that offers good value for money.
Reviews: Read reviews from previous guests to get an idea of their experiences and to ensure the hotel meets your expectations.
Safety and Security: Check if the hotel has adequate security measures in place to ensure your safety during your stay.


Davao is a clean and safe city that tourists would definitely appreciate. With its rich history and modern culture, visitors would surely have a great time immersing themselves in the city.

We hope that Davao will be your next travel destination. If you finally decide to visit Davao City, then book yourself in one of the hotels we’ve mentioned above.

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