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15 Mar 2023 - 5 min read

5 Best Luxury Hotels with Pools in Clark, Philippines: An Ultimate Guide for Your Next Clark Getaway

Find the best luxury hotels with pools in Clark for your next trip to Clark, Philippines!

What was once an army base for the Americans in the second World war, is now a beautiful province with a flourishing economy. Welcome to Clark, Philippines where you can find tourist spots that relate to the war, as well as retain indigenous Filipinos’ rich tradition and mouth watering delicacies (Clark is also known as the culinary capital of the Philippines).

If you want to immerse yourself in this province, then you would want to book yourself into one of the luxury hotels in Clark, Philippines. Ideally, something that has a beautiful pool in it so that you can unwind after a long day of exploring –which is a good choice considering how hot it is in the Philippines.

We know how daunting it is to research a place you’ve never been to. If you do, then don’t worry because we got your back. This guide will help you navigate inside the culinary capital. Or, if you’re in the province already, then all you have to do is simply type in the query “swimming pool hotel near me” on Google search.

Top 5 Places to Stay and Enjoy a Poolside Paradise

What’s the best way to unwind from a long day of exploration in Clark city? That’s right, a relaxing pool in your hotel. If you want to experience this during your stay, then we have listed hotels with pools in Clark Philippines

Swissotel Clark Philippines

Swissotel is a Swiss-inspired, five-star luxury hotel in Clark. It features an infinity pool that oversees a stunning view of the mountain. Perfect for those who want to relax while immersing themselves in the warm hug of mother nature.

If you have kids with you, then you’re in luck because this hotel also features a pool for them. The accommodation offers a “babysitting on demand” that allows their parents to take their mind off babysitting and enjoy what the hotel and Clark have to offer.

This spot is perfect for those who want to check in on one of the highest-rated hotels with a pool in Clark.

Swissotel Clark Philippines

Starts from 576.78

Clark Marriott Hotel

Clark Marriot is the first (and only) internationally branded five-star hotel in the Northern section of Manila. It also has been fully certified by the Filipino government’s Department of Tourism.

Inside, the five-star hotel features a stunning hotel swimming pool near you, a Quan Spa, and a fitness center.

This accommodation is perfect for guests who want to experience top-tier hotel experiences in Clark.

Clark Marriott Hotel

Starts from ₱16,280.00

Midori Clark Hotel and Casino

Midori Clark is also one of the best Clark Philippines hotels. But what separates this hotel is that this one features a casino. Perfect for guests who are feeling lucky during their stay.

It has an open, outdoor swimming pool that suits people who want to get kissed by the sun. Next to the pool, you will find a Baci bar that serves delicacies and chilled beverages that perfectly compliments the tropical atmosphere.

If you’re looking to cool off in a five-star hotel that brings a top-tier luxurious experience, then this hotel is perfect for you.

Midori Clark Hotel and Casino


Starts from ₱8,880.00

Savannah Resort Hotel

Savannah resort is perfect for those who want to enjoy Clark City. The hotel is perfectly situated within a five-minute walk away from D'Heights Casino, a five-minute drive away from Clark Sun Valley Country & Golf Club. This is also one of the hotels near Clark airport Philippines

It has an enormous outdoor pool that is surrounded by beautiful tall trees, which feel like you’re in the middle of paradise.

This hotel is perfect for those who want to visit Clark’s attraction spots, as well as rest in paradise-like accommodation. It truly is one of the best Clark Philippines beach resorts

Savannah Resort Hotel


Starts from ₱4,324.48

Quest Plus Conference Center, Clark

Quest plus a 4-star is marketed for guests who want the best and biggest bang for their buck. It strikes a perfect balance of premium experience with a budget-friendly cost.

Its free-form pool is situated outdoors perfect for those who want to dip themselves in the tropical weather.

You have the option to upgrade, if you wish, to their Grand Villa –which is also one of the best pool villas in Clark, Philippines. Simply go to their website and scroll down. In there you will see an upgrade option.

Quest plus is perfect for those who want to experience premium accommodation without sacrificing their kids’ college funds; or those who don’t want to spend extra cash for the sake of luxury.

Quest Plus Conference Center, Clark


Starts from ₱5,277.21

Tips on Choosing the Best Hotel with a Pool According to Your Preferences

While every tourist wants a great unwinding time in their chosen destination, their definition of what “unwinding” actually means tends to vary. Some, for example, want more of a private and intimate vacation while others want to get active in the city’s tourist destination.

Knowing what you actually want from the vacation will help you create the experience you want. You can bring the right clothing and the right gear to your tip. And most important of all, you know what you want from the luxury hotel you want to stay in.

If an active vacation is one of your goals in your vacation (like ziplining or scuba diving), then checking yourself in a hotel that features relaxation would be the best decision. You would want to contrast your exhausting yet exciting day of enjoying activities with a good cooling down. Most luxury hotels have spas, hot tubs, or pools in them that would help your body achieve the rest it deserves. Recharging your body for the next day’s adventure.

If you’re in Clark already, then you can simply google the query “best hotels with pools near me” or “outdoor pools near me” to know the best hotel with pools within your vicinity.

Another factor that you need to consider is the location. If you really want to visit a certain tourist spot (or any place in the city for that matter) then booking a hotel near that location would be perfect for you. You have to be close to the destination you want. You don’t want to commute to your desired tourist attraction as if you’re Magellan voyaging the entire world.

Fortunately, hotels have been established near Clark’s attraction spots because they know it is needed for travelers like you.

So, if you want to have the best vacation that truly reflects the burning desire of your heart, then considering these factors would truly help.

Top-Rated Activities and Attractions Nearby These Luxury Hotels

Aqua Planet

Aqua planet is one of the biggest modern water parks in Asia. It brings world-class entertainment and services to its visitors. The park is established on 10 hectares of land with over 38 water slides that people, of any age, can enjoy.

This park is perfect for travelers with company as this entertainment spot is best enjoyed with an accompanying explorer.

Clark Safari and Adventure Park

Clark Safari and Adventure Park is a thrilling destination for adventure seekers and nature lovers. Set in a lush tropical forest, this park offers a safe wildlife encounter.

Visitors can observe exotic animals in their natural habitats and learn about their nature. With its expert guides and top-notch facilities, Clark Safari and Adventure Park promise an unforgettable adventure for all ages.

Clark Museum and 4D Theater

This museum acts as a remembrance of how Filipinos fought for their sovereignty. It showcases artefacts that resemble their brave, patriotic passion.

The museum houses a total of four galleries and a 4D theater that flashes a 20-minute historical documentary about the place’s history.

If you want to understand Clark’s rich history, then this museum is a must-go-to spot.

Air Force City Park

This park features real combat aircraft that were used by the Filipinos and Americans in the second world war. If you want to take a glimpse of what they were using in those times, then visiting this park would grant your wish.

All of these attraction spots mentioned above have a family-friendly hotel with pools near them, which is perfect for those who came from another place wanting to visit.


Clark has a rich history because this city had witnessed different colonization by different invaders. Today, the remnants of its past have been preserved by locals as a remembrance.

Aside from the history, Clark also has other modern attraction spots and activities that travelers would surely enjoy.

We hope this will guide will help you navigate yourself while traveling to Clark. Book a hotel now and enjoy what the city has to offer.

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