Hotels in Ngawi

East Java, Indonesia · 5 hotels available

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Popular hotels in Ngawi

Hotel Ngawi Indah

Desa Karang Tengah Prandon, Ngawi, Indonesia, 63218

7.8 / 10


Nuansa Hotel

Jalan Basuki Rahmad No 46, Ngawi, Indonesia, 63217

Hotel Wahyu 2 Syariah

Jalan S. Parman No 35, Ngawi, Indonesia, 63217

Hotel Wahyu 1

Jalan Ahmad Yani No.92, Ngawi, Indonesia, 63217

Homestay Eni Rosidah

Jln.Sabrang No.17 Besek, RT/RW 03/01, Hargomulyo, Ngrambe, Ngawi, Jawa Timur., Ngawi, Indonesia, 63263