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Traveloka, The Leading Hotel Booking Platform in Southeast Asia

With Traveloka, you can book more than 260,000 accommodation around the world. Whether you are a privilege traveler flying with 5-star airline, a light budget traveler who flies low cost airline or a family-oriented traveler, Traveloka can manage the most suitable accommodation for you and your loved ones at the most affordable price yet convenient and easy to book and complete within a few steps.

10 types of accommodation you can book via Traveloka

จองโรงแรม (Hotel)

1. Hotel

Most hotels are multi-storey buildings. All room standard are quite similar. Hotels that can be booked via Traveloka also provides international standard of services and facilities for commercial purposes. These hotels prepare some basic services and facilities, such as bed, wardrobe, table, bathroom, and food including hotel staff. You can set and select "stars" to sort and arrange hotels according to facilities, quality, and price which Traveloka offers booking the cheapest hotel at only 110 THB. (50,000 IDR)

จองโฮสเทล (Hostel)

2. Hostel

Hostel is cheap accommodation or a shared room for many guests. Guests are required to share common facilities such as hostel, such as kitchen, shower room, and laundry room, etc. This type of accommodation is suitable for all budget travelers. The price is very cheap and you can also spend some times with new travelling friends from the hostel too. Traveloka offers the cheapest hostel at 110 THB. (50,000 IDR)

จองรีสอร์ท (Resort)

3. Resort

Resort is an accommodation focusing on relaxation and recreation because most resorts are set as a private home or special room mostly locating near or among the nature. Guests can enjoy the view of mountain, river or sea from their room which can be booked through Traveloka. Its offers a wide range of facilities and services such as swimming pools, restaurants, spas, activities and performances. Traveloka is open for reservations at 1,100 THB the cheapest. (500,000 IDR)

จองอพาร์ทเม้นท์ (Apartment)

4. Apartment

An apartment is a 4-storey-residential building which each of its rooms is divided into rooms for rent including living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens. The number of the rooms depend on type and price of the apartment. The cheapest apartment you can book with Traveloka is 450 THB (200,000 IDR)

จองวิลล่า (Villa)

5. Villa

Villa is a vacation home so most villas are located among a relaxing environment; either nearby the beach or mountains. The villa is also outstanding for its privacy and facilities such as private pool (pool villa), private area outside the house, and the terrace. In order to stay in villa, you have to book the whole house. This type of accommodation is suitable for travelers who love privacy, such as families, couples or groups of friends who need a recreational space. Traveloka offers the cheapest villa booking at 130 baht (60,000 IDR)

โฮมเสตย์ (Homestay)

6. Homestay

Homestay is a local house with no services or facilities like other full-service accommodations, such as hotels and resorts, but guests will learn lifestyle of homeowners and the culture of the locals. Guests staying in a homestay can either rent the whole house or rooms as many as they want. If guest rent only a room not the whole house, they have to share common areas and facilities such as bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms, with other guests. Traveloka offers the cheapest homestay booking at 130 THB (60,000 IDR).

จอง Cottages 

7. Cottages

Cottages are quite similar to villas. The accommodation is shaped like a house and located next to each other as a group in one area. Most of them are located in the middle of nature on mountains or islands. This type of accommodation is suitable for travelers who like to walk in the nature or to climb a mountain. The standard rooms include bedrooms, bathrooms and space for cook which is available via Traveloka at 220 baht (100,000 IDR) as the cheapest price.

จองเกสต์เฮาส์ (Guest House) 

8. Guest House

Guesthouse is like hotels with less rooms and comes as a small house or building so guests feel like home. Guesthouse is also known as mini-hotel which Treveloka offers the cheapest price at 560 THB (250,000 IDR)

 จอง B&B

9. B&B

B & B stands for Bed & Breakfast or Bed with Breakfast. The accommodation is a space shared to travelers by homeowner. The B & B is not very commercial but it is under the concept of Sharing Economy, so guests will get the most standard home facilities. Traveloka offers B & B at the cheapest price of 190 THB (85,000 IDR).

จองแคมปฺปิ้ง (Camping)

10. Camping

Camping is a recreation using a tent as a shelter. Most of these shelters are located in an open space of nature. This type of accommodation is suitable for travelers who are deeply in love with the nature so much. Guests can experience all the flavors the nature provide such as view, air and many more. Traveloka offers the booking of the cheapest camping area at 220 THB (100,000 IDR).

With 10 types of accommodations from more than 260,000 rooms worldwide, Traveloka assures that we can help you find and book your accommodation more conveniently and efficiently. We also guarantee that the price you see is the best price. We also have promotions and many discounts throughout the year. If you are not sure which hotel to stay, try typing the name of your destination and you will see a list of accommodations in that city. You can narrow down your search by star rating, facilities, prices and popularity in order to pick the best accommodation for you.


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