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Traveloka, The Best Online Hotel Booking Platform in Southeast Asia

Traveloka is One Of The Fastest Growing Travel Tech Companies in Southeast Asia

Traveloka is a company offering airline and hotel ticketing services online with a focus on domestic travel in Indonesia. The company provides an online platform that allows users to make bookings of services provided by hotels, airlines, trains, and other transportation operators, events promoters, tourist attraction operators, travel agencies, telecommunication operators, and other service providers. All these can be done in Traveloka Travel & Lifestyle Super App!

Traveloka has listed more than 100,000 hotels worldwide. A secure payment system, various payment methods, an easy user experience, a 24 hours call center service, also the everyday low and transparent price without booking fees are the key services that Traveloka offers to customers, enabling a mobility lifestyle. Join Traveloka Epic Sale and get extra discount of up to 80% on any Traveloka products.

Traveloka is a leading travel booking website and app for domestic and international destinations. The Jakarta-based company was founded by several Indonesian technology information practitioners with years of working experiences at tech companies in the United States of America. Traveloka as a trusted hotel booking site allows you to choose accommodation according to your needs from 400 thousand Traveloka hotel partners around the world. Traveloka also offers a complete payment method to make payment easier during the hotel booking process.

Find the Best Hotels With Cheap and Affordable Prices on Traveloka

Along with the emergence of many online hotel reservation services today, Traveloka as the pioneer of online hotel booking services in Indonesia remains the number one choice for many users. The reason is, this cheapest hotel booking application guarantees you the best price from the start of your search. It certainly creates a sense of calm when booking a hotel room for your needs.

Apart from the matter of price, you can also book the cheapest hotels every day and thanks to the Filter feature. If you want to book even cheaper hotels, Traveloka regularly provides cheap hotel promos every month. It is easy to get, you can get information about ongoing hotel discounts by subscribing to the Traveloka newsletter.

More than that, Traveloka has provided various payment methods that are easily accessible, including providing Pay at Hotel options and hotel bookings without a credit card. This convenience certainly answers your desire to transact more effectively and efficiently.

Traveloka also always offers the cheapest prices compared to other online travel agents (OTA). Of course it will give you the benefit of being able to save on holidays every time.

The interesting thing, that there are many cheap hotel promos that Traveloka regularly offers every month, starting from discounted prices, special prices, to 0% interest installment promos. The information about promos is also easily obtained directly from the Traveloka website or application, following Traveloka official social media accounts, and subscribing to newsletters. Then, looking for cheap hotels on Traveloka is no longer a problem. Besides, you can check the latest hotel promos and watch the Traveloka LIVEstyle flash sale hotel program and live streaming for other additional discounts. The various benefits that you can get, one of which is staycation inspiration.

Traveloka offers more than 19,000 hotels in Indonesia and 266,000 hotels worldwide. Want to go on a backpacker adventure, enjoy the luxury of a 5-star hotel, or live in a villa with your family? You can do it all by booking hotels online just through Traveloka!

Traveloka Technology

Traveloka has a secure payment system, various payment methods, an easy user experience, and a 24-hour call center service. Also the everyday low and transparent price without booking fees are the key services that Traveloka offers to customers, enabling a mobility lifestyle.

What features are available at Traveloka?

Traveloka hotel messaging application continues to innovate by presenting advanced features. These features can save you more time and effort when you want to find cheap hotels anywhere and everywhere.


One of them is Hotels Near You which will help you find hotels from locations closest to you, such as hotels near Marina Bay Sands. There is also a Pay at Hotel feature for those of you who want to make online hotel bookings through the Traveloka hotel booking application first, and pay for it when you arrive at your destination. In addition, Traveloka, which is known as a cheap hotel application, also presents a Price Alerts feature to make booking cheap hotels easy.


How to Book a Hotel on Traveloka?

Book hotels online quickly and easily at Traveloka. Whenever and wherever, book a hotel room is just a few steps away. There is also a Filter feature to speed up your cheap hotel booking process.


Book a hotel on Traveloka by following these steps:

  1. On the Traveloka homepage, tap Hotels. Fill in your destination, check-in date, duration of stay, number of guests and rooms, and preferences such as star ratings, price and the option to pay at the hotel. Tap Search.
  2. Choose the hotel that suits your preference, and tap Select Room. Choose the room you want, and tap Select. Fill in your Contact Details, then tap Continue.
  3. Review your booking details, and tap Continue to proceed to payment. Select your payment method and make your payment. Once your payment is verified, you will receive your hotel voucher by email.
  4. Your booking status and details can also be found under Purchase List.


As the most trusted and most popular hotel search site in Indonesia, Traveloka is also committed to ensuring your comfort by officially cooperating with the world's leading hotel groups. Such as for those who are looking for cheap or budget hotels, Traveloka will still accommodate your needs by providing cheap villas, hostels, guest houses, and homestays. So, whatever your choice of lodging, just book on Traveloka and enjoy the convenience of booking hotels without a credit card.

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