Hotels in Pringsewu

Lampung Province, Indonesia · 5 hotels available

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Popular hotels in Pringsewu

Urban Style by Front One

Jalan Jendral A. Yani No.999, Pringsewu - Lampung, Indonesia, 35373

9.0 / 10


Regency Hotel Pringsewu

Jalan Ahmad Yani, Gading Rejo, Pringsewu, Indonesia, 35372

8.9 / 10

Very Good

Urbanpoint Hotel Pringsewu Lampung

Jalan Mawar III No. 2 Pringsewu, Pringsewu, Indonesia, 35373

7.7 / 10


Royal Marisa Hotel

Jalan Melati II No. 177 Pringsewu Lampung, Pringsewu, Indonesia, 35373

8.1 / 10

Very Good

Balong Kuring Hotel & Resort Syariah

Jalan Jenderal Ahmad Yani, No. 999 A,Kec. Pringsewu,Lampung, Bandar lampung, Indonesia

6.3 / 10