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Swimming in Bandung

About Bandung

Bandung swimming pool is a perfect facility to refresh your body while having fun at the same time. As you finish swimming, you will improve the overall body performance, clear up your mind, and lighten up your weight. It’s not difficult to find aswimming pool in Bandung with decent facilities. After all, Bandung is one of the largest metropolitan cities in Indonesia with vast advancement in many sectors, including tourism. The government gives full support to the development of all the tourist landmarks in Bandung, particularly the swimming pools. The whole dedication and hard work for the development of Bandung are rooted back to the unusual history and legend. Once upon a time, Bandung was still an ancient lake in the middle of the mountains with no advancement in civilization. However, a natural phenomenon dried out the lake water, leaving a cavity to the lake surface and accompanied by the popular Mountain Tangkuban Perahu. Bandung citizens tend to connect this Tangkuban Perahu with the legend of Sangkuriang and Dayang Sumbi. It is said that Sangkuriang kicked a boat until it turned upside down and that the boat slowly turned into a mountain. Still, the folklore itself is contradictory to the scientific evidence that Tangkuban Perahu is the child of Mountain Sunda. Regardless of the legend though, further evidence noted that the drying lake was caused by the great eruption caused by Mountain Tangkuban Perahu 3,000 years ago. The molten lava from the mountain clogged Citarum River, which slowly dried up the water for years after years. Until finally, all that’s left from the lake was Situ Aksan in the 1960s, to which the Dutch East Indies government made it a tourist spot. However, civilization began to advance at a rapid rate and erased Situ Aksan little by little. News sources believed that the construction of the buildings and local settlements might be the cause of the erasure. By the 1970s, industrial factories were starting to occupy the land completely and erased Situ Aksan from the face of the Earth. All that was left from that landmark is now a settlement for the locals. Of course, unrelated to the legends and facts about Bandung, this city is now established as the most creative city in Indonesia. Dubbed as the “Smart city,” “Flower city,” and “Pilot project,” Bandung owns up to the nicknames with a plethora of things it offers. This includes not only the tourism potential in Bandung, but also the education, economy, governance, and technology.

Bandung Swimming Pool Review

Bandung has a large variety of swimming pools to discover, ranging from the standard ones, competition-focused pools, to the recreational pools. The locations are also spread across the regions in Bandung, such as Cipeundeuy, city center, and Cimahi area. In addition to the convenient pools, Bandung also hosts several amazing hot water swimming pools. Many of them are covered by a ceiling to make sure the visitors can still have full experience even during the rain. On the other hand, the other pools are equipped with water attractions like the water slide, makeshift waterfall, and imitation waves. Also, Bandung swimming pool is packed with culinary facilities like a canteen and café to complement your stay there. In addition, the swimming pool in Bandung always has public facilities like a garden, praying room, and information center. For children, Bandung swimming pool tends to provide equipment to rent like an inflatable ring, shaped solid floats, and/or swimwear. As for adults, you might also find a swimming pool in Bandung with an additional facility like a fitness center.

Recommended Bandung Swimming Pool

If you’re unsure about which swimming pool in Bandung to visit, make sure to check out these 4 recommended pools for the weekends

Bumi Pancasona Sport Club

Bumi Pancasona Sport Club is located in a strategic area, very close to a settlement, school, apartment, and university. Overall, the 1.7 hectare-size area is meant to be a massive fitness center with a plethora of fitness facilities, including hot water swimming pool. Because the length of the hot water pool reaches 50 meters, it’s split into two parts: The children pool and the hot water pool.

To fully experience the swimming pool facility in Bumi Pancasona Sport Club, you can buy the entrance tickets in Traveloka. During weekdays, the swimming-only ticket costs you Rp74.000 while the weekdays fitness-swimming is Rp82.000. As for the weekends, the swimming-only ticket costs you Rp82.000 and the fitness-swimming one Rp102.500.

Pandiga Educreation Swimming Pool

Located in North Cimahi, Pandiga Educreation Swimming Pool is a popular destination for swimming during the weekends. This is because the exclusive adult-only hot water pool with the depth at 80-180 centimeters is open during the weekends only. Apart from that pool, there are also two children pools with the depth at 30-80 centimeters. And speaking of children, they can also experience other facilities in Pandiga, such as the Outbound, Paintball, garden, and mouth-watering cuisine. If you plan to look out for the children while taking a rest, you can wait at the large pendopo/gazebos that may accommodate up to 15 people. Or, pick the small gazebos for a smaller group of 5 people. Of course, as an educational landmark, Pandiga Educreation offers a large variety of games to improve the children’s rough motoric capability. For safety reasons, every child is enforced to wear safety kits like a Kernmantle rope, gloves, rappeling, webbing, and helmet.

Nowadays, entrance to Pandiga Educreation Swimming Pool is made easier thanks to Traveloka. You can now buy the entrance ticket at the starting price of Rp22,500 for the weekdays. As for the weekends, entrance ticket is priced at Rp25,800. 

House of Sangkuriang

House of Sangkuriang is actually a hotel located in Jalan Sangkuriang No. 1, Dago. However, around the hotel’s basement floor is an outdoor pool for both the adults and children. The adult pool has a depth of 1.5 meters, while the children pool is 0.5 meter. There are two circular water slides special for the round-shaped children pool with the height at 3-5 meters, which is safe enough for them. But if the children don’t want to swim, they can also play at the park or playground.

To get a cheap entrance ticket, you can reserve the ticket with Traveloka with the starting price of Rp30,000. That’s the weekdays price for one person only, while the weekends or holiday ticket price starts at Rp40,000. However, beware that the ticket is available to use only until 18.00.

Swimming Pool @ Batununggal Indah Club

Want to swim in a hot water pool? If so, then the Swimming Pool @ Batununggal Indah Club is the best place to be. The clear and clean pool water and swimming pool are decorated with poolside café for leisure. In addition, you can rent swimming accessories here, namely the inflatable ring and swimwear. 

Before visiting the pool, make sure to buy the ticket through online platforms like Traveloka. Regarding this particular site, it offers the entrance ticket for the price of approximately Rp47.500-Rp66.500. Tickets are available for the categories of seniors, children, and adults. Also, the tickets for this Bandung swimming poolis available to use every day except during the national holidays.