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Booking bus and travel shuttle tickets is now as easy as shopping online from Traveloka online agent ticket. Find complete information of bus and travel routes, schedules, boarding points, facilities, and ticket prices in Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp.

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Whether it’s for holiday or simply coming home to your family, booking your favorite shuttle tickets is now easier with us.

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We partner with trusted banks and mini markets so you can make your payments easily.

Why buy bus & shuttle tickets online at Traveloka?


Buy bus and shuttle tickets anytime and anywhere with Traveloka. No more wasting time going to the terminal or agent office, now you can buy tickets from the comfort of home.

24-hour Customer Service

We provide 24-hour Customer Service. So, anytime you have a problem or question, call, chat, or send us a message from your Traveloka App. We’ll be there, always.

Complete Info

From bus and shuttle schedules, routes, boarding and arrival points, and ticket prices, to their photos and facilities, you can find them all at Traveloka. We give a complete info to help you decide the best bus or shuttle for you.

Easy Payment

Whether you want to pay via bank transfer, credit card, or with cash at your favorite mini markets, we’ve got you covered.

How to Book Bus & Shuttle Tickets Online at Traveloka

Go to My Booking

Fill in your trip details

Start your search by filling in your departure location and destination, date of travel, and number of seats.

See schedules and prices

See bus/shuttle options, including their routes, schedules, and ticket prices. You can also filter your search to find your favorite bus or shuttle operator more easily.

Click on Reschedule
Choose a new flight schedule

See bus/shuttle details

Tap on one of the buses or shuttles to find more details, such as facilities, route, schedule, price, and photos. Tap Select to proceed booking.

Fill in passenger details

Fill in your contact and passenger details. Make sure all details are correct. You can also select your seats on some buses/shuttles.

Proceed with payment
Receive new e-ticket

Check your booking

Check all your booking details once again. Continue by tapping Select Payment Method and complete payment within the time limit.

Get your e-ticket

Once payment is confirmed, the e-ticket will be sent via email or SMS. You can also see your e-ticket via My Booking at the homepage.

Wait for price confirmation
Go to My Booking

Show your e-ticket to board the bus

To board the bus, just show the e-ticket in your phone (as email, SMS, or on Traveloka App) to the bus staff. The bus staff will give you a paper ticket if required by the operator.

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Popular Shuttle Routes

Shuttle tickets from

Hanoi to:

Price from:

Quang Ninh

260.000 VND


200.000 VND


320.000 VND

Shuttle tickets from

Nha Trang to:

Price from:

Sai Gon

260.000 VND

Da Lat

200.000 VND

Da Nang

320.000 VND

Shuttle tickets from

Sai Gon to:

Price from:

Da Lat

200.000 VND

Vung Tau

190.000 VND

Nha Trang

260.000 VND

Plan Your Trip with: Book Bus & Shuttle Tickets through Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp Online Bus Ticket Agent

Get ready to experience more convenience when planning your intercity bus/shuttle trip with Traveloka. This latest feature from Traveloka makes booking bus and shuttle tickets as easy as shopping online. With the “Pick, Book, Go!” all you need to do are—pick the bus/shuttle that suits your needs, book the tickets for your preferred bus/shuttle, then go enjoy a comfortable and worry-free trip because everything is done in just a few clicks. Here are some tips for buying bus/shuttle tickets at Traveloka for an easier and smoother trip!

Before Buying Tickets

1. List down the main details of your trip, such as the destination, departure and return dates, the number of passengers, and travel budget.

2. Set out your deadline for buying the tickets. Bus/shuttle tickets usually become available from 90 days to 2 days before departure. We recommend that you buy the bus/shuttle tickets online around 5 days before departure so you don’t run out of tickets.

3. Open the Traveloka App or Traveloka website. Here, you can see a complete info related to your trip, such as the buses/shuttles available (including its facilities), the tickets’ price range, the routes, and the trip duration. Select the bus/shuttle that suits your needs, then fill in the required passenger data.

After Buying Tickets

1. Once you have your Traveloka e-ticket, see the information on the top of the e-ticket. Check if you need to exchange your Traveloka e-ticket with a paper ticket from the bus/shuttle operator. If not, then you just need to show your Traveloka e-ticket in your handphone to board the bus/shuttle.

2. Also pay attention to other important info on your e-ticket, such as the Booking Code, Traveloka Booking ID, as well as the boarding and arrival points, to avoid any confusions before and during the trip.

3. Prepare the items you need to bring, such as your identity card and Traveloka e-ticket. To make your trip even more comfortable, also don’t forget to bring your handphone, charger, power bank, headset, camera, medicines, snacks, drinks, jackets, and socks.

4. On your departure day, make sure to arrive at the boarding point time (at least 60 minutes before departure) to check in. Traveloka provides an Official Ticket Guarantee to ensure your ticket is accepted by the bus/shuttle staff.

5. Once you board the bus, now it’s time to sit back and enjoy your time on the bus/shuttle until you reach your destination!

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Buy Bus & Shuttle Tickets Online at Traveloka for a Good Trip at a Good Price

On 16 March 2018, Traveloka introduced its online agent bus and shuttle ticket booking service through its Traveloka App version 2.21. This service provides much ease to people buying intercity and interprovincial (AKAP) bus and shuttle tickets, as they no longer have to suffer the queue at terminal counters or spend more time going to ticket agents. In fact, this online booking bus and shuttle ticket service is now also available at Traveloka’s mobile website. In providing its bus and shuttle ticket booking service, Traveloka strives to give the best and most comprehensive service possible. Users wanting to buy a bus ticket online via Traveloka can find a complete inventory with a variety of choices. Until today, Traveloka has partnered with 57 well-known bus (PO) and shuttle operators across Indonesia. In terms of bus facilities, Traveloka makes sure that its users can choose from various types of buses based on their needs. Available bus and shuttle classes range from Premium, VIP, Business, Executive, to Super Executive. Passengers can enjoy a variety of bus facilities, such as air conditioning, reclining seats, toilets, WiFi, and power socket, depending on the bus’s class and type. In addition to those already mentioned above, there are various other benefits users can get when ordering bus tickets online through Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp. Curious? You can find out more below.

1. Pick, Book, Go

Ordering bus and shuttle tickets are no longer a hassle thanks to the Traveloka App and mobile website. All you have to do is open Traveloka App on your mobile phone, anytime and anywhere. This online booking process is very easy, fast, and secure. You no longer have to spend much time and energy going to the ticket counters at bus terminals, where you can expect long queues. In fact, buying bus and shuttle tickets online via Traveloka is as easy as shopping online.

You also do not have to worry if you experience a problem when booking your bus or shuttle ticket. Traveloka’s 24-hour customer service will always be ready to help you via chat, phone, email, or through the message center on Traveloka App.

2. Unlimited Options

Traveloka officially partners with a variety of bus operators (PO) and shuttle services that serve hundreds of routes to various cities and provinces across Vietnam. Currently, Traveloka has partnered with over 20 shuttle companies, the most popular which include Hoa Mai, Sao Viet, Lien Hung, Hanh Cafe, Khanh Phong, Phong Phu, Xe Nha, Tien Oanh, Huy Hoang - Vung Tau, Trung Nga, An Anh Limousine, Thuan Tien, Trang An Limousine, Nam Quynh Anh, Thien Thanh Limousine, Thanh Thuy Da Lat, etc. These shuttle service covers various routes, especially between popular cities such as Vung Tau, Sai Gon, Nha Trang, Lao Cai, Hanoi, Phan Thiet, Sapa, Phan Rang, etc. The number bus companies, shuttler partners, and route options that Traveloka offers will certainly continue to grow in the future.

3. Complete Information

When booking bus tickets online at Traveloka, you can easily find complete information regarding your bus trip. Details on prices, routes, schedules, boarding and arrival points, bus types, bus specifications, as well as bus photos, are all available on Traveloka App and mobile website. You can also compare the buses and choose one that best suits your needs with just a few taps.

4. Various Payment Methods

Traveloka ensures that its users can complete their bus and shuttle ticket payments quickly and securely. Partnering with various trustworthy banks, a variety of payment methods are available for greater transaction convenience. Payments for bus and shuttle tickets can be made via ATM machines, bank transfer, or credit cards.

5. Cheaper Prices

Across all of its services, Traveloka always offers the best prices for its users. This includes its bus and shuttle ticket online booking service. All buses and shuttle tickets at Traveloka are offered at a lower price point than others in the market. Exciting promos are also available to make buying bus and shuttle tickets at Traveloka even more affordable.

6. Official Ticket Guarantee

Traveloka establishes official partnerships with bus and shuttle operators. Therefore, all information related to your bus and shuttle tickets are properly coordinated with all the bus staff at your boarding point. You only need to show your Traveloka e-ticket and get on the bus to begin your trip. Even if there are problems with your bus tickets, such as being denied boarding, seats taken by other passengers, or buses leaving earlier than scheduled, Traveloka is ready to provide a replacement vehicle or give you a 100% refund.

Book your bus and shuttle tickets at Traveloka, and you will be guaranteed a good trip at a good price. Let’s go!

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