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Find the best deals on every Traveloka product you need!

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Find the best deals on every Traveloka product you need!

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Our system is expertly designed to connect directly with PT KAI, so you can be sure that your e-ticket will be issued and your seat is secured.

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Check in and get your official boarding pass from PT KAI simply by scanning the barcode in your e-ticket at the station’s self-printing facility.

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Find the most competitive prices, with special discounts for newsletter subscribers and Traveloka members.

Various Payment Options

Booking your train tickets on Traveloka now easier with various payment options from ATM Transfer, Credit Card to Internet Banking.

Most Extensive Search Results

Choose the best train schedule to suit your needs. Here you can find all train schedules for the next 90 days, covering all classes from Economy, Business, to Executive.

Secure Online Transaction Guaranteed

Security and privacy of your online transaction are protected by RapidSSL authorized technology. Receive instant confirmation and e-ticket directly in your email.

Individual Domestic Travel Requirements During Pandemic COVID-19

In an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19 during Eid Mubarak, the COVID-19 task force has issued a decree (SE Satgas No 13/2021) that bans exodus or mudik from 6 May 2021 to 17 May 2021. Travels outside those dates have also been tightened. Please see below for the summary.

1.Passengers traveling from 6 May 2021 – 17 May 2021 are only available for passengers with the following reasons or criteria:

  • To do work.
  • To visit an ill or deceased immediate family member.
  • To seek emergency medical attention.
  • For pregnant women, which can be accompanied by a maximum of 1 person.
  • For childbirth purposes, which can be accompanied by a maximum of 2 people.

      Those who meet the criteria above must also bring the following documents during their travels:

a. Entry and Exit Permit (SIKM) or Printed Travel Permit

  • Entry and Exit Permit (SIKM) is for people living outside Jabodetabek who are leaving or entering DKI Jakarta.
  • For passengers traveling for work, the Printed Travel Permit must be issued by their offices.
  • For passengers traveling for family emergencies, the Printed Travel Permit must be issued by their village head (kepala desa/lurah).

b.Negative rapid antigen, GeNose or PCR test 

  • Rapid antigen or PCR test must be performed at the longest 24 hours before boarding time.
  • GeNose test must be performed at the station before departure. 

2. Passengers traveling from 22 April 2021 – 5 May 2021 and 18 May 2021 – 24 May 2021 must provide a negative rapid antigen or PCR test that was performed at the longest 24 hours before boarding time, or a negative GeNose test that performed at the station before departure.

3.Passengers traveling from 25 May 2021 until an unspecified date must provide a negative rapid antigenor PCR test that was performed at the longest 72 hours before boarding time, or a negative GeNose test that performed at the station before departure.

Please also keep in mind the regulations below: 

  1. Passengers under the age of 5 do not have to take a COVID-19 test.
  2. Passengers must fill in e-HAC Indonesia.
  3. Passengers must be in a healthy condition and are not suffering from the flu, cold, coughs, diarrhea, fever, and loss of smell. Their body temperature also must not exceed 37.3°C.
  4. Passengers must wear 3-ply cotton face masks or surgical masks.
  5. Passengers are recommended to wear modest clothing (e.g. a jacket or long-sleeve shirts).
  6. Passengers are not allowed to talk to the phone throughout the journey.
  7. Passengers are not allowed to eat or drink in journeys less than 2 hours, except to take medicine.

Book Antigen Rapid Test with Xperience before your Train Trip

Soewarna Business Park

COVID-19 Rapid Test (Drive-Thru) - Indonesian Citizens (WNI) Only

Start from Rp 150,000

Klinik Fakhira

Start from Rp 200,000

Klinik Pintar

Start from Rp 150,000


Parking Lot Park Hotel Cawang Jakarta - COVID-19 Rapid Test (Drive-Thru) - Indonesian Citizens (WNI) Only

Start from Rp 150,000

Rapid Test Antigen COVID-19 Provided at Train Station

List of Stations That Provide Antigen Test

(Scroll down to see list of stations that provide GeNose Test)

Important to Know:

  • The test costs Rp105.000/person.
  • To take the test, passengers must show their booking code.
  • The rapid antigen test results take about 15 – 20 minutes. However, to anticipate any long queue for the tests, passengers are recommended to arrive at the station 2 hours before their train departs:

  1. Stasiun Pasar Senen Station 
  2. Stasiun Yogyakarta Station 
  3. Stasiun Gambir Station 
  4. Stasiun Solo Balapan Station 
  5. Bandung Station 
  6. Surabaya Pasar Turi Station 
  7. Cirebon Station 
  8. Semarang Tawang Station 
  9. Purwokerto Station 
  10. Madiun Station 
  11. Surabaya Gubeng Station 
  12. Malang Station 
  13. Jember Station 
  14. Ketapang Station 
  15. Bekasi Station 
  16. Kiaracondong Station 
  17. Cirebon Prujakan Station 
  18. Tegal Station 
  19. Kutoarjo Station 
  20. Lempuyangan Station 
  21. Semarang Poncol Station 
  22. Jombang Station 
  23. Sidoarjo Station 
  24. Banjar Station 
  25. Tasikmalaya Station 
  26. Jatibarang Station 
  27. Pekalongan Station 
  28. Cepu Station 
  29. Gomong Station 
  30. Kebumen Station 
  31. Sidareja Station 
  32. Kroya Station 
  33. Wates Station 
  34. Klaten Station 
  35. Purwosari Station 
  36. Blitar Station 
  37. Kediri Station 
  38. Tulungagung Station 
  39. Kertosono Station 
  40. Nganjuk Station 
  41. Lamongan Station 
  42. Mojokerto Station 
  43. Kalisetail Station 

List of Stations That Provide GeNose Test

Important to Know:

  • The test costs Rp20.000/person.
  • To take the test, passengers must show their booking code.
  • The test requires passengers to exhale their breath through their mouth to a plastic bag. Therefore, passengers must not eat, drink (except water), or smoke 30 minutes before the test.
  • To anticipate any long queue for the tests, passengers are recommended to arrive at the station 2 hours before their train departs.

  1. Gambir Station 
  2. Pasar Station 
  3. Senen Station 
  4. Bekasi Station 
  5. Bandung Station 
  6. Kiaracondong Station 
  7. Cirebon Station 
  8. Cirebon Station 
  9. Prujakan Station 
  10. Semarang Station 
  11. Tawang Station 
  12. Semarang Station 
  13. Poncol Station 
  14. Tegal Station 
  15. Purwokerto Station 
  16. Kutoarjo Station 
  17. Yogyakarta Station 
  18. Solo Station 
  19. Balapan Station 
  20. Lempuyangan Station 
  21. Madiun Station 
  22. Jombang Station 
  23. Surabaya Station 
  24. Pasarturi Station 
  25. Surabaya Station 
  26. Gubeng Station 
  27. Malang Station 
  28. Sidoarjo Station 
  29. Jember Station 
  30. Ketapang Station 

KAI Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Buy your train ticket at Traveloka by following these steps:

  1. Tap Train on your homepage.Fill in the routes, departure and return dates, and the number of passengers, then tap Search.
  2. You will see the train names, classes, and departure times. Select one that fits your preferences.
  3. Fill in the required details, such as Contact Details and Passenger Details.
  4. You can choose your seat by tapping on Select Seat. Then, tap Continue to Payment to make your payment. Please review your details before making your payment. Keep in mind that your payment must be made in the exact amount as stated on the invoice to the last three digits.

Your booking is confirmed as soon as you receive your e-ticket, which contains a booking code from PT Kereta Api Indonesia. You should be able to find your e-ticket in your email, SMS, and on My Booking.

On the day of your departure, you have to bring your Traveloka e-ticket to the departure station. Please make sure to arrive at the station at the latest 60 minutes before your departure schedule. Upon your arrival at the station, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the check-in machine.
  2. Open My Booking on your Traveloka App and find your e-ticket.
  3. Enter the booking code or scan the barcode at the machine.
  4. Print your boarding pass.

Yes, you can manage to cancel or get a refund for your train ticket, for further information, you can learn it here.

PT KAI requires reschedule or reroute requests to be made in person at any of the selected stations for verification purposes. For further information, you can find it here.

No, travel insurance is not included in the ticket price. You can purchase add-ons such as travel insurance on the booking form before you proceed to the payment screen.Please visit Travel Insurance for complete information about insurance.

The government has decided to ban Eid homecoming in 2021. Including driving by train. For more information about homecoming by train, please visit the 2021 Lebaran Train Information.

KAI Train Tickets Promo May 2021

We have a lot of ongoing promos for train tickets. You can check it regularly through our website and app. Here is some train ticket promo that you can get in the April period:

  • Bebas Cemas Train Ticket Discount up to 100k+Free Snack
  • Get 50% discount from JD ID for buying train tickets
  • Citi shares blessing up to 350k
  • CIMB Eid Discount up to 250k
  • Maybank Ramadhan Discount up to 250k
  • Mandiri Payday Deals up to 500k
  • Mandiri Credit Car Deals up to 400k
  • Midweek deals with BNI Credit Card every Thu - Fri (Until 27th of August)
  • Up to 250k everyday with Visa
  • and many more!

For further information, you can check all ongoing train ticket promo here

Tips on Purchasing Train Ticket

As one of the major transportations in Indonesia, train is used to facilitate trips and homecoming. It is also a reason for increment in number of customers in Indonesia. Nowadays, KAI (Kereta Api Indonesia) tickets are easy to get, however customers need to be careful at the time of purchase. Listed below are several tips on how to purchase train ticket easily, conveniently and to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable.

1. Purchase train ticket online

Currently, ticket can be purchased at the train station ticket counter only from 9am to 4pm everyday. In addition, the availability of the ticket can only be known once you arrived at the ticket counter. If the worst case happened, you are only wasting time and effort going to travel agent or station without getting any KAI (train) ticket.

So, to prevent customer running out of ticket, purchase online is a correct solution. As it can be done anytime, anywhere and guaranteed and easily through laptop or handphone

2. Find KAI ticket promo price on Traveloka

KAI ticket with promo price can be found easily online. Traveloka has officially partnered with PT KAI for online train ticket sales and provide easy online booking through fast and secure process, with various type of payments, and accessible anytime.

Moreover, Traveloka allows you to get the cheapest PT KAI ticket price. Therefore, always check the special promotion before purchasing a ticket.

3. Book train ticket well ahead

PT KAI ticket is better booked from a long time before the departure date. Beside to avoid running out of tickets, book the ticket earlier will give you the flexibility to choose schedule as various of time slots available, with many types of class and seat. It also allows you to change the train schedule if needed.

Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) ticket can be booked 90 days before the departure date. To have a ticket as have scheduled, you can use a feature, Train Seat Alert on Traveloka App. You will get a notification if the ticket on your selected schedule is available.

4. Select the suitable passenger class

The difference in the passenger classes are normally in the travel time and facilities given. As the highest class, Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) Executive class offers the shortest travel time and luxurious facilities. The higher the class, the less number of passengers in one carriage, so you will feel more freely.

If convenience is your priority, choosing KAI Executive class ticket is the best choice. However, if you are on a long-haul budget trip, choosing the Business or Economy train classes will be the best option instead.

5. Select comfortable seats as needed

When buying train ticket, you are able to select seat as you want. Based on passengers experience, the most comfortable seat is in the middle of the carriage. It is stable and quiet due to far from carriage connector.

Make sure that you select the window seat so that your trip will not feel bored. For day train passengers, check direction of the sun beforehand and select seat opposite to the sun to avoid the heat and sun glare along the trip.

6. Consider alternative routes

Save the cost of train tickets and get more comfort by finding out alternative routes on your way. E.q travel from Jakarta to Surabaya, there are alternative routes such as Gambir Station (GMR) - Pasar Turi Station (SBI), Gambir (GMR) - Surabaya Gubeng (SGU), Pasar Senen (PSE) - Surabaya Pasar Turi (SBI) Pasar Senen (PSE) - Surabaya Gubeng (SGU), and Pasar Senen (PSE) - Wonokromo (W).

Gambir Station route is usually quieter and organised than the route from Pasar Senen Station. In choosing a destination station, you may consider a train ticket for closer station to your activities while in that town.
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