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How to Reschedule or Reroute My Train Booking

Based on PT KAI's policy, rescheduling can only be requested at the station. It does not have to be your departure station, just any PT KAI stations that are designated to serve refund and reschedule requests, as listed below:

Reschedule Information and Policy

1. Reschedule can be done at the latest 60 minutes before departure. Please note that you will be charged a cancelation fee amounting to 25% of the original ticket price, excluding discounts or convenience fee..

2. Reschedule can be made for Train ticket with the following conditions:

a.Same train on different departure days.

b. Different trains with the same departure day.

c. Different trains on different departure days.

3. Reschedule is based on seat availability and will incur an administration fee.

4. If the new ticket is more expensive, the price difference will be borned to the passenger.

5. If the new ticket is cheaper, passengers will not get a refund for the price difference.

6. As PT KAI only accepts cash, please prepare some cash before going to your chosen train station.

7. Please bring your e-ticket and ID card (KTP, passport, or SIM or Student ID for passengers below 17 years old).

8. Fill in the form at the counter. Should you require assistance, please ask PT KAI staff.

9. If you are making a refund request on behalf of a passenger, please bring along the following documents: Letter of Authorization with a Rp10.000 duty stamp signed by the passenger, the passenger's original ID card and its copy, and your original ID card and its copy.

For further information you may contact KAI Call Center at 021 121.

Travel Regulations during COVID-19 Outbreak

For latest information regarding Kereta Api Indonesia's travel regulations related to COVID-19, please refer to




Get in touch with our customer service for more assistance by scanning the QR code below.