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Complete Your Trip with Train Plus Extra Services

To improve the safety and quality of your train journey, Traveloka now comes with a wide selection of additional service facilities that you can choose to complete your train journey. You can choose this additional train service at Traveloka directly when you book a train ticket through the Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp. For your travel requirements and to make your trip feel safer, we provide a COVID-19 test service for pre-departure and also a safe travel kit. To get rid of boredom, also check the entertainment options that you can access while on the train, or choose food on the train, of course with a special discount for you. Check the details of each additional facility and service for a safer and more enjoyable train journey.

List of Train Perks in Traveloka

We have many choice of perks that can complete your train trip. The essentials, started from rapid antigen COVID-19 test as the main requirement of your trip, insurance to make you safer during the trip, or companion for your trip, such as meals and entertainment. You should check our current discount and promotion too!

Choose Your Extra Services and Reserve The Ticket

KAI Train Travel Regulation during COVID-19 Pandemic

Find complete information regarding KAI Train Travel Requirements, Stations Available for Rapid Antigen Test, Vaccination, and many more.

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Train Plus Frequently Asked Questions

You can find all of the perks provide for train trip in the middle of your train ticket booking process.

There are some perks that you can get for free as long its stil available.

Yes, you can choose our rapid test antigen extra service in Traveloka for your train trip requirement.