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Book Direct for Secure Booking

Beware of impersonation scams, you'll lose your holiday booking!

Always be sure to verify the identity of accounts or agents trying to represent Traveloka.

All information from Traveloka regarding promotions, or communications will only be shared on our verified channels, kindly refer to images below for clearer understanding.

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Official Customer Care Email: cs@traveloka.com

When making a holiday booking,

  • Always book directly with Traveloka on the Traveloka App or Website (Traveloka.com), even if someone tells you they are making the booking on your behalf.
  • Never make payment for your transaction outside of what’s mentioned on Traveloka App or Website.
  • For direct bank transfer payment methods, ensure the Beneficiary Bank Name : Công ty TNHH Traveloka VietNam
  • Always check the sender's email of your booking. Your E-Ticket/Voucher will be sent to your email only from booking@traveloka.com.

Red Flags you need to know

  • Persons claiming to be employees or representatives of Traveloka offering a side income or special promotion offer
  • Requests for payment transfer to any bank account other than Công ty TNHH Traveloka VietNam is not managed by Traveloka.

Sample Scam Screenshots

1. Screenshot of customer email confirmation from email accounts that are not legit, such as cskh.traveloka@gmail.com where it does not originate from @traveloka or @your.traveloka.

2. Fake account on Zalo




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