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Jawa Timur
Pulau Madura
Gili Labak & Pantai Sembilan via Surabaya - 1-Day Tour
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Gili Labak & Pantai Sembilan via Surabaya - 1-Day Tour
Madura Island
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Make your 1-day vacation worthwhile by exploring the beauty of Gili Labak and Pantai Sembilan
Get a closer look at the marine life of Gili Labak by snorkeling your way into the blue sea
Capture the breathtaking view with your camera and share them to your social media
Take your loved ones to experience the unforgettable moments of spending the whole day in two of Java's most beautiful beaches
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There's no better way of spending a 1-day off than going outside, hop on to a boat, and explore a small island in East Java, Gili Labak. The mesmerizing view of Gili Labak is what you need to refresh your mind after a busy week. If the view on the beach is not enough, then you can snorkel into the sea to witness the beautiful sea creatures and the corals. On top of that, this tour will also take you to Sembilan Beach where you can lay down on the sand or take in the swing by the beach.

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Jalan Raya Bringsang, Bringsang, Giligenteng, Kabupaten Sumenep, Jawa Timur 69482, Indonesia
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An Open Trip will be attended by other guests that you may not know personally, while a Private Tour will be attended by your own group of guests.

- Participants are suggested to bring swimsuit, sunblock, sandals, personal medicine, and change of clothes.

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