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Open Sky Unlimited - Dragonback Trekking Tour
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Open Sky Unlimited - Dragonback Trekking Tour
Setapak, Kuala Lumpur
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Gear up for an adventurous Dragonback Trekking Tour with Open Sky Unlimited.
Test your fitness by climbing up steep uphill trail with rocks and roots scattered around the area.
Enjoy a beautiful 360 degree panaromic views and its surrounding wilderness.
Indulge in authentic local cuisine as your reward for getting a good workout.
Cocok untuk: Petualangan Ekstrim, Si Petualang, Pencinta Alam, Yang Berjiwa Bebas

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Open Sky Unlimited takes pride in giving you a fun and adventurous outdoor activities. Suitable for thrill seekers, this activity will challenge your fitness and raise your heartbeat as you'll be climbing up steep uphill trail with rocks and roots scattered all over the area. 

You will find yourself smiling after breaking out a good sweat when you go through the rugged terrain when you witness the amazing view of a hidden lake amidst the mountain landscape. Celebrate your achievement by indulging in authentic local cuisine when you make your way back. 

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Bukit Tabur, 53100, Selangor, Malaysia
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- Tour may be cancelled due to weather and enviromental conditions. e.g: heavy rain, swelled up river due to high water volume. Guests are required to adhere to the advise of the guides.

- What to bring/what to wear: Detailed information would be sent to guest via email based on seperate activity listed.

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- Accomodations within Kuala Lumpur City Centre or KL Sentral Station (Aloft Hotel)- Transport surcharge outside KL City Centre (Subang/ Sunway/ Damansara - RM60 ) (Bangi/ Kajang - RM100)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Berapa lama durasi Open Sky Unlimited - Dragonback Trekking?
Durasi tour Open Sky Unlimited - Dragonback Trekking adalah 1 Hari 5 Jam. Untuk informasi lebih lengkap mengenai ketersediaan tanggal dan durasi untuk event tersebut, silahkan kunjungi halaman ini.
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Durasi: 1 Hari 5 Jam