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Davao City
Davao Food - Half-day Tour
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Davao Food - Half-day Tour

Tur Kuliner
Davao City
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Explore Davao City’s most noteworthy cafes and must-try restaurants in this half-day food tour

Sip on a warm, comforting cup of hot chocolate with Sikwate

Indulge in Davao’s King of Fruits, the Durian

Enjoy a special dinner deliciously served at the 46th World Congress Street Food Eatery

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14:30-15:00 Pick up from your hotel and assembly
15:00-20:00 Start of tour / Hot Chocolate with Sikwate / Skewered Snacks / King of Fruits / Thirst quencher from Tree of Life / Specialty dinner at the 46th World Congress Street food eatery / Walk along a strip of local vendors with chewy balls / Return to hotel

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Home of the durian fruit and cocoa beans, Davao City is known to be packed with flavorful traditional Filipino cuisine. Its charming homegrown coffee shops, mouthwatering grilled street food, and an endless supply of fruit stands make it the perfect food destination for your next vacation. The best way to get a taste of the city’s homemade recipes is through the Davao Food Half-Day Tour, which covers the most delicious local food favorites, including hot chocolate, skewered snacks, durian, and many more. Near the end of the tour, a special dinner will be served at the 46th World Congress street food eatery accompanied by a relaxing walk down a strip of local street vendors. So don’t forget to pack a big appetite and make room for one deliciously delightful adventure.

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Davao City, Davao del Sur, Philippines
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Davao Food - Half-day Tour

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Tanggal Tersedia Berikutnya: Rab,10 Jun 2020
Durasi: 5 Hours


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