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About Singapore

Singapore is one of the developed countries in South East Asia that is also a popular travel destination. Despite its size, Singapore holds the third rank in status as a global financial center. Its port is also the fifth busiest in the world, bustling with regional and international trading activities. Visitors from Asia and other continents love Singapore for its modernity and diverse culture. Singapore is a home for various ethnicities, such as Malay, Arab, India, China, and other Asian countries. The country also has four dominant languages: Malay, English, Tamil, and Mandarin Chinese. The mixture of cultures and ethnicities makes Singapore a colorful place to visit. Singapore is famous for attractions and theme parks that follow international standards, such as the Universal Studios and Madame Tussauds. It also has iconic landmarks and streets, such as Marina Bay Sand, Merlion Statue, and Orchard Road. The night tour is a favorite activity in Singapore because the city looks brightly lit during the evening. Singapore also has cultural and culinary pockets, where you can see the more vibrant sides of this modern country. Little India and the Chinatown have prominent cultural aspects. Singapore also has options between fancy restaurants and hawkers/street foods. The foods in Singapore mix the cultural influences from China, India, Malay, and European foods.

Singapore Tour Package Review

Despite its size, Singapore offers overwhelming options for travel destinations. One day is not enough to explore everything this country offers. Booking tour packages is the easiest way to explore Singapore in a limited period. You can visit all the recommended spots in several days or hours. Travel packages, such as the ones from Traveloka, help travelers to visit the best spots in efficient ways. Each package provides itineraries for interesting places and activities. Forget thinking about schedules, transportation, and shuttle services, especially if you have limited holiday time. Travel packages also set up your activities based on specific interests. For example, a hawker culinary tour takes you to the best street food spots in Singapore. Little India tour explores the colorful world of Indian neighborhood. The cycling tour takes you to the best scenic bike routes in Singapore.


Plan your holiday in Singapore with these tour packages from Traveloka

Singapore DUCKtours

Singapore DUCKtours explores Singapore from land and water, using a special amphibian vehicle. The trip takes you to iconic spots such as the Civic District, War Memorial Park, Fountain of Wealth, and other iconic sights around the Marina Bay. This trip is ideal for families and history enthusiasts. The one-hour tour starts from Rp440,930.

HiPPO Night City Tour

HiPPO Night City Tour takes you to see the best sights in Singapore at night. Using a red double-decker bus, you will be taken to Bugis Street, a famous shopping district in Singapore. You will also taste delicious foods at the Chinatown Food Street. The bus also goes to the iconic Orchard Road, before ending the tour at Suntec City fountain.

The tour starts at 18.30 and lasts for three hours. We recommend booking this tour to conclude Singapore DUCKtours. The package price starts at Rp481,946 per person.

Singapore Tastiest Hawker Tour

Singapore Tastiest Hawker Tour package takes to visit the most famous hawkers in the country. Highlights include Noodle Story, Liao Fan Soya Sauce Chicken Rice, and Tian Tian Chicken Rice. You can taste the best hawker foods that have earned Michelin Award! Since hawker foods reflect Singapore’s culture and history, your guide will explain the related history of each food while you are eating.

The price for this three-hour tour package starts from Rp1,105.164 per person. 

Walking Tour at Little India Singapore

Little India is one of the busiest and most colorful districts in Singapore. This tour takes you to a walking tour within the heart of Little India. You will see traditional Indian markets, storehouses, historical temples, and other interesting destinations. Conclude your trip with a cup of hot chai at one of the tea houses. 

Visitors will get information about the history of Little India from the guide. You can also interact with friendly and welcoming locals. This tour is a great option for culture and history enthusiasts. The price starts from Rp379,405 per person.

Chinatown Walking Tour

Chinatown is a vibrant and colorful community in Singapore. The Chinatown Walking Tour package takes you to explore the Chinatown. You will see a wet market, local snack stalls, tea shop, traditional drugstore, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, and Sri Mariamman Temple. The guide will explain the history behind Chinatown, including the part of the streets that were converted into shops after the war.

The walking tour lasts for two hours and starts at 10.15. You must gather at the Tourist Information Kiosk on 23 Pagoda Street before the tour starts. The price starts from Rp379,405.

Singapore Cycling Tour

Singapore Cycling Tour is ideal for adventurous travelers. This four-hour tour takes you to the most iconic spots in Singapore on bicycles. The bike routes pass the Singapore River, Kampong Glam, Malay Heritage Center, Raffles Hotel, and the Colonial District. The route was selected to give you the best views when biking.

The tour starts at 9.00. You must gather on North Bridge Road to receive instructions and bikes. The price starts at Rp1,159,133 per person, including snacks and refreshing beverages.

Singapore Night City Tour

Singapore Night City Tour takes you to explore the Singapore River by a boat. You can see beautiful city lights and landmarks, enjoy local Chinese foods, and seeing the Clarke Quay and Marina Bay. There is an option to end the trip at the Long Bar, which serves the famous Singapore Sling cocktail (skip this option if you are on a family trip).

Singapore Night City Tour starts at 18.00 and lasts for four hours. Every traveler gets a Chinese bento box before traveling on the boat. The tour package starts at Rp840,843 per person. This price includes the shuttle service from and to the hotel.

Singapore offers a perfect combination of modernity and tradition. Book one of the tour packages from Traveloka and enjoy your trip without worries!