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Jatim Park 1, Jl. Kartika No.2, Sisir, Kec. Batu, Kota Batu, Jawa Timur 65315, Indonesia
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Open | Thu, 08:30-16:30
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Batu, Malang
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RM 33.50

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What You'll Experience

Immerse yourself in a day of non-stop excitement at Jatim Park 1!
Calling all roller coaster enthusiasts! Take your pick from an array of options, including the Himalaya Coaster, Superman Coaster, and Gold Mining Coaster
Craving more adrenaline? Experience the thrill of the 360° Pendulum and the Flying Tornado!
Let the little ones join the fun with kid-friendly rides like Froggy, Dragon Coaster, Happy Boat, Mini Train, and more

Dive into a world of excitement at Jatim Park 1, the ultimate family destination offering a thrilling blend of waterpark adventures, exhilarating rides, and enlightening edutainment!

Thrill seekers' paradise: Indulge in a variety of exciting rides that cater to thrill-seekers such as 360° Pendulum, Flying Tornado, and Superman Coaster.
Aquatic fun: Take a plunge into aquatic bliss at the Waterboom and Funtastic Swimming Pool, providing the perfect escape to cool off and enjoy water-filled fun with your loved ones.
Cultural exploration: Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Indonesian culture at Galeri Etnik, where you can discover fascinating insights into the country's diverse ethnic groups.
Scientific wonder: Unleash your curiosity at the Science Center, where the wonders of science come to life. Engage in interactive exhibits and explore the marvels of global scientific discoveries.

Book your ticket and create lasting memories with your loved ones at Jatim Park 1!

Come and spend the holiday with your loved ones at Jatim Park 1!

Superman Coaster, Volcano Coaster, and Flying Tornado — which one would like to try first?

Explore the diversity of Indonesia's culture at the Galeri Etnik

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What People Say

Fajar L. H.


Jatim Park 1 is like visiting a museum with a huge amount of collection, some display are ages, comparing museum abroad they have limited collection but in the luxurious display. Museum angkut is amazing. Surprisingly, it has ton of car collection.

Daniel E.


Recommended place to have fun with children below 10 years old



Good educative and impression.. recomend for education know Indonesia by culture

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Jatim Park 1, Jl. Kartika No.2, Sisir, Kec. Batu, Kota Batu, Jawa Timur 65315, Indonesia
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About Jatim Park 1

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Jatim Park 1, also known as Jawa Timur Park 1, is a family-friendly amusement and educational park in Batu City, East Java, Indonesia. It is located on 11 hectares at Jalan Kartika No. 2, next to the Flower Club Resort Hotel, and is about 1,700 meters above sea level. 

The park has over 56 rides, including the Dragon Coaster, 3D Mysterious House, Pendulum 360", Flying Tornado, Air Bourne Shot, Volcano Coaster, and Bouncy Castle. It also has a mini zoo, cultural exhibitions, a science center, and a water park with a giant swimming pool and water games. The park also provides Educational attractions including the Nusantara Gallery, which has dioramas of endangered animals, agro plants, temple miniatures, and the Volcano. Visitors often praise the park for its comprehensive layout, seamlessly blending excitement with educational experiences.

Jatim Park 1 Ticket Price 2024

  • [COMBO] Jatim Park 1 & Museum Tubuh Weekday Admission starts from RM 33.60
  • [COMBO] Jatim Park 1 & Museum Tubuh Weekend/High Season Admission starts from RM 40.80

Before visiting the destination, it's essential to set a budget, and knowing the ticket price is a key part of this. Keep in mind that ticket prices can change without notice. For more updated information, please check Traveloka.

Jatim Park 1’s Opening Hours

Jatim Park 1 in Batu City, East Java, Indonesia, opens daily from 08:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Given its size, it's advisable to spend more than one day exploring all the attractions. Alternatively, if you're short on time, consider selecting specific sections to visit.

Attractions and Activities at Jatim Park 1


  • Himalaya Coaster: A thrilling roller coaster ride with a Himalayan theme, offering twists, turns, and exhilarating drops.
  • Dragon Coaster: Another roller coaster featuring a dragon-themed design, providing a thrilling experience with its twists and turns.
  • Gold Mining Coaster: A coaster ride designed around the theme of gold mining, offering a combination of excitement and adventure.
  • Superman Coaster: Inspired by the iconic superhero, this coaster promises high-speed thrills and adrenaline-pumping loops.
  • Ulat Coaster: Translating to "Caterpillar Coaster," this ride is suitable for younger visitors, offering a milder roller coaster experience.
  • Sky Swinger: A swing ride that lifts passengers high into the air, providing panoramic views of the park and surrounding areas.
  • Sky Ride: A cable car ride offering a scenic journey above the park, allowing visitors to enjoy breathtaking views while gliding through the air.

Extreme Rides

  • Flying Tornado: An extreme thrill ride featuring rapid spins and inversions, providing an intense and exhilarating experience.
  • 360 Pendulum: A pendulum ride that swings riders back and forth while rotating 360 degrees, delivering a thrilling sensation of weightlessness.
  • Froggy: A spinning ride that mimics the movement of a frog leaping, providing a fun and exciting experience for riders.
  • Enterprise Ride: A high-speed spinning ride that combines centrifugal force and gravity, offering a thrilling and dizzying experience.
  • Gyroscope: A ride that rotates on multiple axes, providing a disorienting and exhilarating experience for riders.


  • Science Center: An interactive museum featuring hands-on exhibits and displays exploring various scientific concepts and principles.
  • Ethnic Gallery: A museum showcasing the rich cultural diversity of Indonesia, with exhibits highlighting traditional customs, attire, and artifacts.
  • Indonesian Heritage Museum: A museum dedicated to preserving and celebrating Indonesia's cultural heritage, with displays of historical artifacts and artworks.
  • Rumah Adat Madura: A traditional house museum offering insights into the architecture and lifestyle of the Madurese people, an ethnic group from the island of Madura.

Children's Amusement

  • Funtastic Swimming Pool: A water park area designed for children, featuring slides, splash pads, and shallow pools for safe and enjoyable water play.
  • Happy Boat: A boat ride designed for younger visitors, offering a gentle and whimsical journey around a themed watercourse.
  • Mini Train: A miniature train ride that circles through the park, providing a fun and scenic tour for children and families.
  • Convoy Car: A kiddie ride featuring miniature cars that travel along a designated track, allowing children to experience the thrill of driving in a safe and controlled environment.

Tips to Enjoy Jatim Park 1

  • Animal Museum: See various preserved animals, including replicas of extinct prehistoric animals.
  • Eco Green Park: See a collection of preserved insects, learn about the origin of the earth, and enjoy water outbound games.
  • Ulat Coaster: Children under 5 years old can ride this cute caterpillar-shaped train.
  • Body Museum: A place to play and learn science.
  • Ethnic Gallery: Learn about the diversity of tribes in the archipelago by viewing artifacts, traditional musical instruments, traditional clothing, typical food, traditional houses, and various cultural aspects of each tribe.
  • Swimming pool: Play on water slides, be showered with water buckets, or have fun in the current pool.
  • Attractions: Children can try Mini Train, Happy Boat, Convoy Car, Ulat Coaster, and Froggy rides. Adults can try Pendulum, Gold Mining Coaster, Flying Tornado, Enterprise Ride, and Gyroscope rides.
  • EV Shuttle: Buy EV shuttle tickets to go to 4 destinations: Jatim Park 1, 2, Eco Green Park, and Transportation Museum.
  • Online reservation: For the Body Museum, make online reservations at

Location and How to Get to Jatim Park 1


Jl. Kartika No.2, Sisir, Batu Subdistrict, Batu City, East Java 65315

How to Get to Jatim Park 1


You can purchase a train ticket to Malang Station, then utilize public transportation to Landungsari Terminal, and alight at Batu Terminal. From there, you can hail an online taxi to Jatim Park 1. The D train makes stops close to Jatim Park 1 in Sidoarjo at 4:29 AM and 7:17 PM.


The nearest bus stop to Jatim Park 1 in Malang is Jalan Tlogomas A1, just a 4-minute walk away. Bus lines F, DKM, and P7 make stops near Jatim Park 1 in Sidoarjo.


For travelers journeying from Jakarta to Malang, the Salatiga - Kertosono toll road route is an option, typically taking about 11 hours and 20 minutes.


WS Tour Travel provides a tour package inclusive of bus transportation from Surabaya to Batu and return, with allotted time to visit Jatim Park 1 in between.

Shuttle car

The Jawa Timur Park Group offers shuttle cars for economical transportation.

Plan your exciting visit to Jatim Park 1 with Traveloka today! With its thrilling rides, captivating museums, and educational attractions, Jatim Park 1 promises an exciting experience for visitors of all ages. Whether you're seeking adrenaline-pumping adventures on the coasters, exploring the wonders of wildlife at the Museum Satwa, or delving into the rich cultural heritage at the Galeri Etnik, there's something for everyone to enjoy. 

To ensure a hassle-free and seamless trip, consider booking your tickets and accommodations through Traveloka. With Traveloka's user-friendly platform, you can easily browse and compare ticket prices, find exclusive deals, and make secure bookings, all in one place. Plus, with Traveloka's convenient mobile app, you can manage your itinerary on the go and access important information right at your fingertips. Don't miss out on the excitement that awaits at Jatim Park 1. Start planning your adventure today with Traveloka!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Jatim Park 1 ticket cost?
Jatim Park 1 ticket price starts from RM 33.50. Visit Jatim Park 1 page to see more information about Jatim Park 1 tickets.
When is Jatim Park 1 open?
Jatim Park 1 open at 08:30-16:30. For more information on operational days and hours, please find more on Jatim Park 1 page.
Where is the details location of Jatim Park 1?
Jatim Park 1 is located at Jatim Park 1, Jl. Kartika No.2, Sisir, Kec. Batu, Kota Batu, Jawa Timur 65315, Indonesia. Visit this page for guidance on how to get to Jatim Park 1.
What makes Jatim Park 1 popular?
Jatim Park 1 is a popular amusement park that combines a recreation area with educational tourism. It's a favorite destination for local students on school tours and is often visited by East Javan residents.
What are some similar places like Jatim Park 1 that can be found in Batu?
Similar places like Jatim Park 1 that can be found in Batu are Tiket Jatim Park 2 (Batu Secret Zoo & Museum Satwa), Tiket Dino Park (Jatim Park 3), dan Jatim Park 3.
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General Information

Ticket Price
Starting from RM 33.50.
Opening Hours
Jatim Park 1, Jl. Kartika No.2, Sisir, Kec. Batu, Kota Batu, Jawa Timur 65315, Indonesia.
Public Facilities
Wheel chair,Wifi,Nursery,Toilet,ATM,Praying room,Restaurant,Parking area

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