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Tue, 28 May 2024
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Long Semado is also known as Semado, Long Semadoh or Long Semabo. It is located in Kuching, Sarawak. Long Semado air is very clean and unpolluted, making its weather cool and fresh all day long. Some of the nearby attractions here include Pasar Besar Lawas, Merarap Hot Spring and Sungai Melasak. End your day at some of the best Long Semado hotels that can be found here.

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Where are the best areas to stay in Long Semado?

The best areas to stay in Long Semado are Lawas Town

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Currently, there are around 0 hotels that you can book in Long Semado


Long Semado is also known as Semado, Long Semadoh or Long Semabo. Long Semado is a settlement in the Lawas division of Sarawak state, Malaysia. It lies approximately 654.6 kilometres east-north-east of the state capital, Kuching. What is famous with this town is, recently `Pineapple Festival’, the first of its kind ever to be held in Kampung Puneng Trusan, Long Semadoh in. It has indirectly attracted tourists to visit this remote town too. The main objective of the festival is to encourage agricultural products, especially pineapples since Long Semado is very famous for producing the sweetest pineapple till these days. Long Semado is a very peaceful place to be visited. Long Semado air is very clean and unpolluted, making its weather cool and fresh all day long. The temperature is approximately between 20°C to 30°C and sometimes dropped to 15°C. This could also be because of its geographical structure where Long Semadoh is surrounded by high mountains. Mount Budud Balud is the highest mountain and is understood to be seen from the summit of Mount Murud, which is the highest mountain in Sarawak. All villagers here are Lun Bawang ethnic from the Ulu ethnic people. They speak their own language yet they are very helpful and kind to guide the tourists who are visiting Long Semado. They people there used to live together in long houses. They then realised about their safety especially when the house is caught by fire, they started to build separate houses, one for each family.

How to Get There

By Car

From Lawas city to Long Semado, there are 4WD transporters. The charge is between RM25 to RM80 per person or RM400 to RM800 per 4WD car trip. This is in accordance to the distance of the village that you want to visit. The only route used is the logging road built by Samling Timber company in 1996. The journey is about 75 to 100 kilometres where it will take about 2 to 4 hours driving the 4WD. However, it depends on the weather as well. On rainy days, the road would be very slippery and it sometime cut off with fallen trees and all.

Tourist Attractions

Pasar Besar Lawas

Pasar Besar is situated at 98850 Lawas, Sarawak. It is a two storey building mainly built to promote the commerce among people in Lawas. Since it was opened, a lot of locals here are seen employed and get paid to make their living. This market offers a great selection of tropical fruits and vegetables. There are also jungle produce such as rattan products, wooden products and a lot more made by the talented locals here. On the second level, there are stalls selling many selections of food. For Muslims, there are also halal food stalls selling choice of food.

Chinese Temple

This temple is located at Jalan Bunga Teratai. The temple was built by the Chinese people who are Buddha devotees years ago. It was beautifully built till it is not only been visited by the devotees to pray but it also attracts the tourists to pay a visit and snap pictures as their memory touring Lawas.

Merarap Hot Spring

Merarap Hot spring is owned by a private lodge. It is situated about 70 km from Lawas and is only accessible by 4WD . It can accommodate up to 30 visitors at one time. It is famous for its natural hot spring that is channelled into a man-made pool for guests to relax.

Sungai Melasak

Sungai Melasak is situated at Kampung Pengalih which is about 15 kilometres away from Lawas. It is famous for its scenic nature landscape waterfall, surrounded by the lush greenery and the very cool mountain stream. During weekend, the locals and foreign tourists are flooding this place to enjoy the waterfall and the stream.

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