Hong Kong


About Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. Although 70% of the islands are mountainous, Hong Kong offers serene beaches, city parks, and historical places dating from before the British colonial era. Like any other megapolitans, Hong Kong presents plenty of attractions for families, kids, couples, shopaholics, and nature lovers, including Hong Kong Disneyland, Ngong Ping 360, The Peak, Ladies’ Market, and so much more. Visitors can also find cultural sites and historical heritage, such as Taoist temples, Murray House, Jao Tsung-I Academy, or the Hong Kong Museum of Art. To complete your visit to Hong Ko...

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Checking items off your Asia trip will not be complete without traveling to Hong Kong. Discover a modern city that’s rooted in ancient civilization and learn about its cultures. Whether you’re looking for a new festival to take part in, exploring new terrains, or trying out new experiences, Hong Kong is sure to give you an adventure of a lifetime.

At A Glance

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Being a part of the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong’s culture is greatly influenced by it. Find out what makes Hong Kong one of the greatest cities by touring its famous attractions. Get to know its culture and heritage and see how these shaped this beautiful land into what it is today. Take the road less traveled and get lost as you explore the great outdoors. Go on a food trip in search of the best Hong Kong-style curry or fried noodles. Whether you’re traveling solo or a part of a group, these are some of the things to do in Hong Kong that will make your stay worthwhile.

How to Go to Hong Kong

Make your Hong Kong itinerary and start packing already! The easiest way to go to this country is via plane. Daily flights from Manila, Philippines are offered by Hong Kong Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Cathay Dragon, Air Asia, Cebu Pacific, and Philippine Airlines. There are several international airports in Hong Kong, so booking a direct flight to those airports is possible.

Getting Around

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Hong Kong has one of the safest and most efficient public transport systems. Exploring Hong Kong couldn’t be made much easier than using the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) system. This covers all major districts including stops at the boundary of mainland China. Its 11 rail lines have direct access to most of its tourist attractions like the Disneyland Resort. Trams are also available and a great alternative to trains. It’s a double-decker streetcar that has been breezing Hong Kong’s traffic since 1904. It’s a more affordable way to travel and a must-try while in the city. There are also plenty of buses that traverse throughout the country.

Tourist Attractions

Where tall buildings scrape the sky, 260 islands comprise the total landmass, and millions of people live-- Hong Kong is filled with a lot of tourist attractions that should be a part of your tour itinerary. The must-visit places in Hong Kong are scattered all around the country but here are the top five that you shouldn't miss.

  • Temple Street Night Market
  • From Chinese street food, trinkets, and souvenirs, you can find it all in this night market. Get an adrenaline rush as you hop from one shop to another and haggle with the shop owner to give you the best price for your item.

  • Victoria Peak
  • Take a trip to the most exclusive neighboorhood during colonial times. The Peak is the highest point on Hong Kong island and it has a cool mountain air that attracted the rich and famous. Here you'll get a spectacular view of the skyscrapers, the Victoria Harbour, and the rolling green hills of the New Territories.

  • Symphony of Lights
  • Recognized as one of the world's most spectacular light shows, A Symphony of Lights is a show that's sure to take your breath away. The iconic buildings on the side of the harbor turn into a blaze as lasers, searchlights, and LED screens light up the night sky in time for the music, turning it into a feast of colors and music.

  • Elephant Nature Park
  • Elephants are Thailand's national animal. Chiang Mai has a sanctuary for rescued elephants where visitors can get up close and personal with these gentle giants. They can watch them eat, wash, and play with the elephants in their natural habitat.

  • Madame Tussauds Hong Kong
  • Meet your favorite stars and take a picture with them! But the catch is they're gonna be in lifelike wax figurines. From K-pop stars to Hollywood artists, and Chinese actors, you can get up close and personal with them without any security in your way.

  • Hong Kong Disneyland
  • Bring your children to the happiest place on earth and relive your youth as you try Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, or Marvel-inspired rides and attractions. Meet Mickey and his friends in the parade of characters and live like a prince or princess for a day.

Travel Seasons

Hong Kong has a sub-tropical climate and weather is greatly affected by this. If you're planning to stay in Hong Kong for a vacation, the best time to visit is during Autumn. There are lots of sunny days with pleasant breezes. Spring also has good days but the temperature and humidity are high during the day and it's cool in the evening. If you're after the festivals, this is when most are celebrated.

Hong Kong Travel Tips

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  • Take the Airport Express when going to and from the airport. This connects to Kowloon and Hong Kong Island in less than 30 minutes.
  • Get an Octopus card. It works like a prepaid debit card and it works all over Hong Kong. It can be used in transportations, convenient stores, 7-Eleven, and even McDonald's.
  • Always carry an umbrella. With the weather unpredictable, you never know when it'll rain.