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Christchurch Gondola

New Zealand
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Experience a return cable car journey onboard the Christchurch Gondola
Reach the top of Mount Cavendish from the base station in 10 minutes
Get panoramic views of the city from 500 metres above sea level
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What You’ll Experience

The Christchurch Gondola is an 862-metre cableway that provides 360-degree views of the city's top attractions. The trip to the summit takes approximately 10 minutes, passing above valleys as birds fly freely beneath your cabin. You will also enjoy panoramic views of the Christchurch cityscape that extends up to the Cantebury Plains, high peaks of the Southern Alps, and beaches of Pegasus Bay.
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10 Bridle Path Road, Heathcote Valley, Christchurch

Christchurch Gondola

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Next Available Date: Fri,01 Jan 2021
Opening Hours (Local Time) : 10:00-17:00


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