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KidZania Singapore

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What Others Are Saying

Kidzania is an amazing place for kids below 17 to pretend play to do adult jobs. Come early so your kids can get a slot at the popular aviation academy

Hazni A. B. H. A. - Sat, 26 October 2019

It's good for your kids.

David S. - Sun, 4 March 2018

Awesome experience with kids and wife...

Kurnia S. T. - Thu, 3 October 2019

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Activity Details


Teach your kids about the real world of business, the economy, and responsibilities in a fun and interactive way
As a complete city, KidZania includes a hospital, bank, fire station, supermarket and more
Children can gain an understanding of potential career paths on their own terms
Good for: Fun-loving Families

What You’ll Experience

KidZania Singapore is an interactive indoor theme park, where children can experience real-life jobs in a role-playing environment. The child-geared activity centre located in Palawan Beach at Sentosa occupies a total of 81,000 sqft and comes complete with a functioning economy, paved streets, moving vehicles, and buildings. KidZania offers nearly 100 role-playing activities in more than 60 establishments with a range of difficulties to meet the abilities and interests of every child.

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KidZania Singapore

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Opening Hours (Local Time) : 10:00-18:00

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