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Cebu (CEB) → Antique (EUQ)
Tuesday, 27 Feb 2024
₱ 5,521.29
Cebu (CEB) → Antique (EUQ)
Thursday, 29 Feb 2024
₱ 6,304.84
Cebu (CEB) → Antique (EUQ)
Thursday, 29 Feb 2024
₱ 9,410.71
Manila (MNL) → Antique (EUQ)
Philippine Airlines
Tuesday, 12 Mar 2024
₱ 11,079.88

Flights to Antique, Philippines

Antique is a province in the Philippines. Antique is located in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. The capital of the province is San Jose. The capital is the most populous town in Antique. The province is situated in the Western area of Panay Island. Antique is also bordered with Aklan, Capiz and Iloilo in the East. Antique is also facing the Sulu Sea to the West. Antique is also home to the indigenous Iraynun-Bukidnon, speakers of a dialect of the Kiniray-a language. They also crafted the only rice terrace clusters in the Visayas region by knowledge and sheer vernacular capabilities. The rice terrace built by the Iraynun-Bukidnon are differentiated into three terrace fields which named as Lublub rice terraces, baking rice terraces and San Agustin rice terraces. The National Commission has conducted various research for Culture and the Arts and University of the Philippines regarding the rice terrace clusters. In the Philippines, there is a campaign to nominate the Iraynun-Bukidnon Rice Terraces and Central Panay Mountain Range into the UNESCO World Heritage List. Antique consists of 18 municipalities. With San Jose as its capital, it also serves as the centre of commerce and trade and also the seat of the provincial government.

Airports in Antique

1. Evelio Javier Airport

Evelio Javier Airport is also known as Antique Airport and also San Jose Airport. Evelio Javier Airport is the only airport that serves the province of Antique in the Philippines. The Evelio Javier Airport is located in the provincial capital of Antique, San Jose de Buenavista. The Evelio Javier Airport is classified as Class 2 principal airport. It is considered as minor domestic airport by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, a body of the Department of Transportation and Communications. The body is responsible for the operations of all of the airports in the Philippines except for the major international airports. The airport is named Evelio Javier, a former governor of Antique and a vocal critic of the former president, Ferdinand Marcos. In 1986, Evelio Javier was assassinated. Evelio Javier Airport was renovated with the help of its governor, Rhodora Cardio and the help of Senator Loren Legarda. The other facilities in this Evelio Javier Airport are planned for reconstruction to accommodate more passengers and aircraft. The Evelio Javier Airport has a runway with 1,200 m long. Philippine Airlines fly from Clark to this Evelio Javier Airport. However, it is operated by PAL Express.

How to Get Cheap Flights to Antique

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When is the Best Time to Fly to Antique?

Antique has a temperate climate. The temperatures throughout the year are almost the same. So, it is best visited throughout the year. Antique has an equal temperature throughout the year. The hottest month in Antique is on April with a temperature of 33.6 °C while the coolest month in Antique is on January with 29.9 °C.
You can also visit Antique on November to celebrate the Festival of Anini-y with the locals there. The rice terraces of San Remigio are also very beautiful during this month. You certainly do not want to miss the opportunity to visit the rice terraces.

What are the Top 3 Things to Do in Antique?

1. Antique Rice Terraces – it is one of the hidden heritage and spectacular scenery in Antique. It is located deep in the mountains of Valderrama, Antique province. You can see a cluster of rice terraces spread in different villages that have been preserved by the Iraynon Bukidnon. This is one of the most visited places in Antique. Be prepare to be amazed by the views.
2. Malumpati Cold Spring – it is located in Pandan, one of the municipalities in Antique. You surely do not want to miss to visit this place. It is a cold spring with cool and clear water from different natural springs of the river. Refresh yourself by visiting here.
3. Bugtong Bato Falls – it is one of the waterfalls located in Tibiao, Antique. This waterfall has seven levels.

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