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Enduring Memories of Hangzhou Show

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Enduring Memories of Hangzhou Show
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Watch an outdoor theatrical show taking place at the West Lake
Witness actors perform on a stage platform submerged in water
Be moved by the tragic love story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai
Good for:: Culture Vultures

What You’ll Experience

Enduring Memories of Hangzhou, formerly known as Impression West Lake, is staged upon a lake, and makes use of the surrounding mountains and waters as its backdrop. The outdoor performance retells Hangzhou legends, including a tragic Chinese love story. Apart from the world-famous Swan Lake water ballet, the show also presents a combination of music, light, and dance.

Location Details
West Lake, Xihu, Hangzhou, China
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Additional Information
Enduring Memories of Hangzhou show acts:
- Act 1 - The River, Flowers, and Moon on a Spring Night
- Act 2 - Dance of the Tea Harvest
- Act 3 - The Butterfly Lovers
- Act 4 - High Mountains and Running Water
- Act 5 - Swan Lake
- Act 6 - Me and My Motherland
- Act 7 - Coloured Clouds Chasing the Moon
- Act 8 - Unforgettable Jasmine
- Act 9 - Ode to Joy
- Children below 120 centimetres can come free of charge but must seat with a parent or guardian.
- Children between 120 and 150 centimetres will be charged the child rate.
- Children above 150 centimetres will be charged the adult rate.
Average Delivery
- The show may be suspended and/or the show schedule changed without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the details location of Enduring Memories of Hangzhou Show?
Enduring Memories of Hangzhou Show is located at West Lake, Xihu, Hangzhou, China. Visit this page for guidance on how to get to Enduring Memories of Hangzhou Show.
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Event Time: 19:30 - 20:20
Opening Hours
Mon, 19:30-20:20
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Regular Season

  • Monday: 19:30 - 20:20
  • Tuesday: 19:30 - 20:20
  • Wednesday: 19:30 - 20:20
  • Thursday: 19:30 - 20:20
  • Friday: 19:30 - 20:20
  • Saturday: 19:30 - 20:20
  • Sunday: 19:30 - 20:20
  • Service Available in:

    West Lake, Xihu, Hangzhou, China