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Traveloka, The Leading Hotel Booking Platform in Southeast Asia

Online Hotel Booking, Low Prices & Many Promos on Traveloka

Traveloka is the cheapest, biggest and most popular hotel booking site and service provider in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. The best prices plus an easy, fast, and safe online hotel booking process are its advantages. For that reason, this cheapest hotel booking application is always the best choice for ordering cheap hotels at home and abroad. Traveloka also has a regular flash sale program, called Traveloka LIVEstyle which is held every week. In addition, you can get many inspirations about staycation Singapore such as Sentosa staycation & MBS staycation to enjoy your time with your family and friends.

Traveloka also ensures your holidays run smoothly. Traveloka as a trusted hotel booking site allows you to choose accommodation according to your needs from 400 thousand Traveloka hotel partners around the world. Traveloka also offers a complete payment method to make payment easier during the hotel booking process. Plan your public holiday in Singapore well with Traveloka and enjoy your time with beloved ones.

Why Choose Traveloka As Your Online Hotel Booking Platform?

Traveloka offers a long list of hotels worldwide, not just in the Southeast Asian region. Traveloka offers cheap hotels on a massive scale through its endless promotions and deals. Traveloka offers interesting features that are convenient, special and beneficial for you. In addition, you can get many inspirations about staycation Singapore such as Sentosa staycation & MBS staycation to enjoy your time with your family and friends.

Everyday Low Prices & Exclusive In-app Deals

Traveloka has two main platforms where you can do your bookings; hotel booking app and hotel booking website. If you are making your online hotel room booking using the mobile application, you will be entertained with best room rates and special deals. There are certain deals that can only be found in the mobile application. So, you might want to download the Traveloka application on your mobile phones now to get those deals.


Real Guest Reviews

How do you know if Hotel A is really the hotel you want to spend your time in? To answer your question, Traveloka creates another feature you can find on the website where you will be able to read through reviews from past guests. On each hotel page, we included real reviews along with ranks to help you determine whether the hotel is worth your investment.



Traveloka guarantees you a hotel stay in accordance with your selection and preferences. However, in the instances of overbooked rooms or if there are any discrepancies with your bookings, Traveloka will take immediate action by recommending other hotels with similar preferences without any additional costs for you. If our recommendations do not fit your needs, you will be given an immediate refund of your booking.


Various Payment Options

Whether you are placing your booking using the hotel booking app or hotel booking website, we offer four main types of payment method for your convenience. The first and the most common is payment by credit/debit card, the second is not rare but definitely a big-time convenience for all users - online banking - where you will find major internet banking.

How to Book a Hotel on Traveloka?

Book hotels online quickly and easily at Traveloka. Whenever and wherever, book a hotel room is just a few steps away. There is also a Filter feature to speed up your cheap hotel booking process.


How to book hotels on Traveloka:

1. Enter the Traveloka application homepage or website

2. Select “Hotel”, then enter your destination city, check-in date, and how long you will stay.

3. Make sure to also adjust the price range in the Filter feature to make the process of finding cheap hotels easier.

4. After the search results come out, make sure you check the hotel before making hotel reservations online.

5. If it is deemed appropriate, all you have to do is make the payment stage.


Traveloka as a trusted hotel booking site has provided complete information on hotel conditions, including facilities, location, photos, and reviews of previous guests. However, if you want to book a cheap hotel again, enter a cheap hotel promo coupon that is still valid. Get the biggest travel promo only at TRAVELOKA EPIC SALE.


Don't wait too long, search for cheap hotels now on Traveloka. Its practical, responsive, and secure system makes this hotel booking site a reliable match every time.

What features are available at Traveloka?

Traveloka hotel messaging application continues to innovate by presenting advanced features. These features can save you more time and effort when you want to find cheap hotels anywhere and everywhere. In addition, you can get many inspirations about staycation Singapore such as Sentosa staycation & MBS staycation to enjoy your time with your family and friends.


One of them is Hotels Near You which will help you find hotels from locations closest to you, such as hotels near Marina Bay Sands. There is also a Pay at Hotel feature for those of you who want to make online hotel bookings through the Traveloka hotel booking application first, and pay for it when you arrive at your destination. In addition, Traveloka, which is known as a cheap hotel application, also presents a Price Alerts feature to make booking cheap hotels easy.


Therefore, make Traveloka a solution for your hotel reservation needs. Don't forget to check for hotels that are distributing hotel vouchers on the Traveloka hotel booking site. In fact, besides being able to book cheap hotels, you can also book hotels without a credit card or join Traveloka hotel flash sales. 


What types of accommodation are available at Traveloka?

Currently, Traveloka has more than 400 thousand lodging inventories in Indonesia and internationally. This means you don't have to worry about running out of the lodging you want if you book hotels online on the Traveloka website and application. You will also have many choices when you book a hotel in Singapore, hotels near Sentosa Island, or the closest hotel around you. In addition, you can get many inspirations about staycation Singapore such as Sentosa staycation & MBS staycation to enjoy your time with your family and friends.


As the most trusted and most popular hotel search site in Indonesia, Traveloka is also committed to ensuring your comfort by officially cooperating with the world's leading hotel groups. Such as for those who are looking for cheap or budget hotels, Traveloka will still accommodate your needs by providing cheap villas, hostels, guest houses, and homestays. So, whatever your choice of lodging, just book on Traveloka and enjoy the convenience of booking hotels without a credit card.


This trusted hotel search site ensures that you can rest at the best lodging or the closest hotel to your destination. Additionally, Traveloka as online hotel reservation service providers also allow you to find a cheap hotel to five-star hotel as well as various types of accommodation you desire. Don't forget to plan your public holiday in Singapore well with Traveloka and enjoy your time with beloved ones.

And there are so many popular hotels that you can choose for your staycation Singapore. You can plan your family time during public holiday Singapore. Therefore, here is the list of hotels in Singapore that you can explore with hotel promotion. You can get special offers during EPIC Sale and refers friends to get up to SGD100 off! with EPIC Referral:

Marina Bay Sands | Hotel 81 | Shangri La Singapore | Fullerton Hotel | Hotel Boss | Sentosa Hotel | Andaz Singapore | Mandarin Orchard | Pan Pacific Singapore | Sofitel Sentosa | Capella Singapore | Raffles Hotel | Mandarin Oriental Singapore | Resorts World Sentosa | Ritz Carlton Singapore | Fairmont Singapore | Grand Hyatt Singapore | The Clan Hotel | Fullerton Bay Hotel | Goodwood Park Hotel | Hilton Singapore | Voco Orchard | Carlton Hotel | Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa

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