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Traveloka EPIC Sale Singapore

So, what is so hype about this Traveloka EPIC Sale Singapore? It is actually a frequently held event specially made from this lifestyle super app just for you!With a discount this big, of course it won’t be that easy to ‘win’ the Traveloka EPIC Sale. First of all, you need to know the schedule of the Traveloka EPIC Sale Singapore, known as the EPIC Hour. The EPIC Hour is usually divided by the product categories. For example, the Traveloka EPIC Sale discount for accommodations.Later on, it will be continued with the Traveloka EPIC Sale from attractions category.If you already know the schedule of the EPIC hour of this year’s Traveloka EPIC Sale Singapore, make sure you have downloaded the Traveloka’s application and stay tuned during the schedule of the category that you aim for.During the Traveloka EPIC Sale Singapore, you can watch the Livestream as well to get more information about the products, especially accommodation products like hotels or apartments.Not only that you will know more in detail about the product, but you can also ask a question.Another session of Traveloka EPIC Sale Singapore is the flash sale. Check for the flash sale schedule and get the opportunity to have the discount up to 80 % off. The flash sale is usually held for two hours.To make it more fun, your lifestyle super app has prepared for you some fun games on Traveloka EPIC Game Farm. There are so many games that you can play on Game Farm by Traveloka. Just open your Traveloka application and kill some time with our fun games! Better yet, you can play it while enjoying your staycation!

Celebrate your Holiday with Traveloka Epic Sale Singapore!

Nobody wants to skip the opportunity to have a holiday with a low budget, don’t you think? A staycation, maybe? The good news is, you can have this opportunity, not by searching for the list of recommended cheap hotels in Singapore, but with the use of Traveloka EPIC Sale Singapore!Yes, as your lifestyle super app, Traveloka really wants to give you the best experience by having a more affordable price for all kinds of services they serve by conducting the Traveloka EPIC Sale. Thus, you can have the best price for accommodations (hotels, villas, and apartments), transportations, restaurants, attractions, and lifestyle products (beauty and spa, sports, entertainments, etc.).So, this is definitely an opportunity that you should not miss at all. Are you planning to have lunch in your favorite restaurant with your friends? Or perhaps you are planning for a staycation Singapore moment with your family? You can save more budget from the Traveloka EPIC Sale.The discount is up to 80% off!Traveloka EPIC Sale Singapore will be the best event! It will be more intriguing than most hotel promotions in Singapore ever!

Get Special Deals and Promotions for Your Travel Plans

For all of the Singaporeans, if you usually rely on the Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers (that only available until the end of 2021) to get the special discounts for your holiday (can it be for hotel discount, XP, flight, etc.) or hotel promotions in Singapore for your staycation or travel plans, you can aim to get a great deal from the Traveloka EPIC Sale Singapore as well.So, it is really a combo that you can not miss out!And since it’s only happened gradually on Traveloka, unlike the other discount programs, surely you have to mark your calendar and spare some time to check for their livestream or flash sale and get the discount for the products you desired.Remember, Traveloka EPIC Sale Singapore is not only for hotel discount, but also for Xperience (XP), flight, and others.

Why You Need to Book during EPIC Sale?

Sure you can get a discount or other great deal for all Traveloka’s products from other promotion programs, but the Traveloka EPIC Sale Singapore is the best one, AND the biggest one. When else can you get a discount up to 80% off?Not only that, you can still get bonus vouchers up to 50%!Imagine that you can get a very, very, affordable price for luxurious hotels in Singapore! The great holiday is also about the great price too, right?So, what are you waiting for? Instead of staying at home during the weekend or public holidays in Singapore, you better spend it wisely (and budget-friendly as well) with the Traveloka EPIC Sale Singapore!