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Taman Air Percut Tickets
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Spend a day with your family at a water recreation park in Deli Serdang Regency, North Sumatra
Try out various water and land activities designed to cater to all ages
Enjoy leisure activities and take pictures at various spots across the park
Feel the excitement of riding an ATV or flying fox
Good for:: Nature Enthusiasts, Taking Photos, Games

What You’ll Experience

Looking for a family-friendly weekend destination in North Sumatra? Why don’t you visit Taman Air Percut? This water recreation park offers various water and land activities for all ages. If you feel like doing leisure activities, take a ride on one of the roadster bicycles or swan boats. You can also visit the mini zoo and have a picnic with friends or family. Or, if you want a little more adventure, hop on an ATV or zip down the flying fox and feel the wind rush past your face. Located 17 km north of Medan, Taman Air Percut is a perfect destination for a family gathering.


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Location Details
Taman Air Percut, Jalan Kawasan Industri, Paluh Gelombang, Tanjung Rejo, Percut Sei Tuan, Tj. Rejo, Percut Sei Tuan, Kabupaten Deli Serdang, Sumatera Utara 20371, Indonesia
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Frequently Asked Questions

When is Taman Air Percut open?
Taman Air Percut open at 08:00-18:00. For more information on operational days and hours, please find more on this page.
Where is the details location of Taman Air Percut?
Taman Air Percut is located at Taman Air Percut, Jalan Kawasan Industri, Paluh Gelombang, Tanjung Rejo, Percut Sei Tuan, Tj. Rejo, Percut Sei Tuan, Kabupaten Deli Serdang, Sumatera Utara 20371, Indonesia. Visit this page for guidance on how to get to Taman Air Percut.
What are some similar places like Taman Air Percut that can be found in Deli Serdang?
Similar places like Taman Air Percut that can be found in Deli Serdang are Dunia Fantasi (Dufan) Ancol Tickets, Ancol Entrance Gate, dan Jatim Park 2 (Batu Secret Zoo & Museum Satwa) Tickets.
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Opening Hours
Thu, 08:00-18:00
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  • Monday: 08:00 - 18:00
  • Tuesday: 08:00 - 18:00
  • Wednesday: 08:00 - 18:00
  • Thursday: 08:00 - 18:00
  • Friday: 08:00 - 18:00
  • Saturday: 08:00 - 18:00
  • Sunday: 08:00 - 18:00
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    Interesting Things You Can Do in Percut Waterpark Deli Serdang

    North Sumatera Province has a wide variety of tourist attractions; they are beautiful and exciting at the same time. One of them is Percut Waterpark in Deli Serdang. Officially opened at the end of 2017, this attraction offers an exciting experience with an affordable ticket price. The management also continues to add and develop the rides even after the opening of this waterpark. No wonder this tourist attraction is always full of visitors every day; some of them even come from other provinces outside North Sumatera. So, are you wondering about the fun activities offered by this waterpark? If so, go check them out!

    Get Your Adrenalin Going by Riding the Flying Fox

    Are you a fan of challenges? Then you shouldn’t miss the chance to fly 7-meter high across the lake with the flying fox. By paying Rp20,000 for the ride ticket, you are ready to fly and slide with the assistance of professional staff. Don’t worry about safety issues, because this ride only uses high-quality equipment. Once you feel the excitement of sliding on this ride, you will love to try and try several times again!

    Riding Old-Style Bicycle around the Waterpark Area

    Percut Waterpark Deli Serdang is built on a 16-hectare land. Therefore, you might feel tired to walk and explore all areas of this waterpark. Walking around the area also takes a lot of time. For this reason, Percut Waterpark Deli Serdang offers ontel or old-style bicycle rental with affordable price (Rp10,000 per 30 minutes) to explore all areas of the waterpark. By riding this retro bicycle, you can have a more enjoyable holiday in Percut Waterpark.

    Take a Romantic Picture on a Rowboat

    Just like the saying “going on a loving voyage,” you can ask your loved one to take a romantic picture on a decorated rowboat. Rowboats are often associated with the representation of new marriage life. To make the moments more romantic, you can also choose certain rowboats with special ornaments and adornments. This rowboat ride is one of the most favourite attractions in Percut Waterpark Deli Serdang. The ticket is inexpensive as well; you can use the rowboat for 20 minutes by paying Rp5,000.

    Get the Nostalgic Feeling by Riding a Horse-Drawn Carriage

    Pada hari Minggu ku turut ayah ke kota, naik delman istimewa ku duduk di muka.” It is the excerpt of a children song that expresses how fun it is to ride a horse-drawn carriage. That song may remind you of your childhood, and you can have the same experience by riding a horse-drawn carriage in Percut Waterpark Deli Serdang. Along the way, you can enjoy the striking view of the waterpark area. The ticket costs you Rp10,000 to get into the carriage (for one ride). 

    Grow Your Appetite in an Exciting Culinary Tour

    After exploring the rides and areas of Percut Waterpark Deli Serdang, it’s time to grow your appetite by savouring a wide selection of delicious meals. In this attraction, you can find different choices of cuisine offered by various stalls. All of them are equally delicious and affordable, as well.  

    Besides several rides mentioned above, Percut Waterpark Deli Serdang offers some other attractions to explore, including a mini zoo with the collection of rare animal species, the miniature of Toba Lake, as well as a fishing pond. Percut Waterpark Deli Serdang opens every day from 8 AM to 6 PM. To optimise the time you spend in this attraction, visiting in the morning is more recommended. You can enjoy the fresher air and have more time to try all the rides without having to wait in line. As the day goes by, more visitors will come and fill the waterpark area, especially in the afternoon. The entrance ticket to Percut Waterpark Deli Serdan is Rp15.000, and you can get it on the spot. However, you may need to buy additional tickets if you want to try some certain rides. Fortunately, now you can get an online ticket via Traveloka with an easier and faster booking process. Traveloka also offers discounts and package deals which include both entrance ticket and ride tickets. If you plan to try all rides in Percut Waterpark, booking for entrance and ride tickets are a good deal. By booking them on Traveloka, you will get a paperless ticket which means that you don’t have to print the tickets anymore. 

    Now that you’ve known some interesting things to do in Percut Waterpark Deli Serdang, it’s time to ask your friends and family to go on a fun holiday trip. Be sure to book the tickets via Traveloka, so your trip will be even more fun and exciting!

    Percut Waterpark Deli Serdang Entrance Ticket

    • Entrance Ticket only: Rp15.000
    • Entrance Ticket + Bebek Air Ride: Rp25.000
    • Entrance Ticket + Flying Fox: Rp40.000
    • Entrance Ticket + Water Ball + Miniature Train Ride: Rp45.000
    • Entrance Ticket + ATV: Rp40.000

    Opening Hours
    Taman Air Percut, Jalan Kawasan Industri, Paluh Gelombang, Tanjung Rejo, Percut Sei Tuan, Tj. Rejo, Percut Sei Tuan, Kabupaten Deli Serdang, Sumatera Utara 20371, Indonesia.