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Tiket Slanik Waterpark Lampung

South Lampung Regency
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Enjoy exciting water adventures at Slanik Waterpark, one of the biggest water parks in Lampung
Splash in the water to your heart's content on the Octopus Kids Fun, Dragon River, and Crazy Slide rides
Get your adrenaline pumping down the 25 meter high Fast 2 Furious slide
Find a complete range of other facilities, including food and beverage kiosks and gift shops at affordable prices
Good for:: Fun-Loving Families

What You’ll Experience

Make your holiday in Lampung even more unforgettable by playing at Slanik Waterpark! The city's largest water park is even more interesting with a concept that combines education and fun sports. Standing on an area of 1 hectare, this water park offers lots of activities that are certainly suitable for all ages.

Let your little ones play in the Octopus Kids Fun, a kiddie pool complete with slides and waterfalls. Meanwhile, you can try the 160 meter long Dragon River where you will venture into the dragon cave. Or test your adrenaline on the 25 meter high Fast 2 Furious slide and the 14 meter high Crazy Slide. Sounds interesting right? Let's spend a fun day at Slanik Waterpark and don't forget to take pictures to capture your exciting moments!


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Parking area

Location Details

Jl. Raya Karang Anyar, Karang Turi, Jati Agung, Karang Anyar, Lampung Selatan, Kabupaten Lampung Selatan, Lampung 35365, Indonesia
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Additional Information

Visitors are advised to bring swimwear, a change of clothes, towels and toiletries
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Slanik Waterpark Lampung ticket cost?
The ticket price for Slanik Waterpark Lampung start from S$ 2.90. Visit this page to see more information about Slanik Waterpark Lampung pricing
When is Slanik Waterpark Lampung open?
Slanik Waterpark Lampung open at 09:00-17:00. For more information on operational days and hours, please find more on this page.
Where is the details location of Slanik Waterpark Lampung?
Slanik Waterpark Lampung is located at Jl. Raya Karang Anyar, Karang Turi, Jati Agung, Karang Anyar, Lampung Selatan, Kabupaten Lampung Selatan, Lampung 35365, Indonesia. Visit this page for guidance on how to get to Slanik Waterpark Lampung.
What are some similar places like Slanik Waterpark Lampung that can be found in Lampung Selatan?
Similar places like Slanik Waterpark Lampung that can be found in Lampung Selatan are Dunia Fantasi (Dufan) Ancol Tickets, Ancol Entrance Gate, dan Sea World Ancol Tickets.
Starting from
S$ 3.03
S$ 2.90
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Next Available Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2023
Opening Hours
Sun, 08:00-17:30 (Last Redemption Time: 16:00)
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General Opening Hours

  • Monday: 09:00 - 17:00
  • Tuesday: 09:00 - 17:00
  • Wednesday: 09:00 - 17:00
  • Thursday: 09:00 - 17:00
  • Friday: 09:00 - 17:00
  • Saturday: 08:00 - 17:30
  • Sunday: 08:00 - 17:30
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    More about Tiket Slanik Waterpark Lampung

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    The Thrill of Spending Time with Family in Slanik Waterpark Lampung

    Slanik Waterpark Lampung is one of the attractions located in Lampung, the southernmost province on the island of Sumatra. This attraction offers a water playground with various rides. Not only enrich with exotic beaches and beautiful landscapes, but Lampung also has an educational destination suitable for families. As a family destination, Slanik Waterpark is always crowded every weekend. In this spot, children can play and exercise at the same time while spending time with family. For those of you who come from out of town, you should visit Slanik Waterpark that located on Jl. Raya Karang Anyar, Karang Turi, Jati Agung.

    Rides in Slanik Waterpark

    The most exciting thing at Slanik Waterpark is the fun rides, of course. Here’s the full review.

    Octopus Kids Fun

    This ride is suitable for children because the depth of the water is only about 50-100 cm. Children can enjoy spilt bucket rides, fountains, waterfalls, and slides that aren’t too long. Designed with an interesting and safe concept, children can freely play on Octopus Kids Fun.

    Dragon River

    If you like challenges, try the Dragon River current pool. Decorated with natural-looking landscapes and the setting of a dragon cave, driving with a tube in this stream pool is undoubtedly thrilling.

    Fast 2 Furious

    Enjoy the excitement of skating on Fast 2 Furious, a 76-meter long slide with an 18-meter height from the ground. Gliding on this longest slide in Lampung will successfully spur your adrenaline. However, please note that this ride is only for visitors who are 10 years old or have a minimum height of 120 cm.

    Crazy Slide

    Another ride specifically for visitors over the age of 10 years old is Crazy Slide. It is a slide that can raise your adrenaline because the slope reaches 50 degrees.

    Olympic Pool

    For those who like to swim, you can have fun in the Olympic Pool. The depth of the water in this swimming pool is 180 cm.

    Krakatau Wave

    Unique and exciting! That is the impression you’ll feel when playing on the Krakatau Wave. The idea of ​​this first wave pool in Lampung originated from the Krakatau Mountain that belongs to the area of ​​Lampung Province. There are also exclusive venues for couples, namely the Love Padlock and the Love Bridge.

    Banji Trampoline

    Banji Trampoline is one of the newest rides in Slanik Waterpark. Here, visitors can enjoy the sensation of high jumps without fear of falling or getting hurt. This ride is exclusively for adults.

    Kids Trampoline

    For children, Kids Trampoline is a fun ride to try. The available devices are also tailored to its users.

    Cable Car

    You can enjoy the whole view at Slanik Waterpark by taking a Cable Car. This train passes right above this tourist area.

    Not only that, but Slanik Waterpark Lampung also continues to develop the available rides. Thus, visitors won’t get bored.

    Facilities at Slanik Waterpark

    Besides the rides, the facilities available at Slanik Waterpark are also quite complete. These facilities can increase comforts during your visit to Slanik Waterpark. Here's the list:

    Slanik Pujasera

    Slanik Pujasera is a particular area for those who want to have lunch while on vacation at Slanik Waterpark. This place is filled with various food outlets that offer a variety of menus.

    Snack Bar

    You can also enjoy traditional Indonesian snacks at the Snack Bar.

    Slanik Café

    For those who want to hang out while watching the kids playing on the Octopus Kids Fun ride, you can relax at Slanik Café.

    Souvenir Slanik

    Do you want to bring souvenirs for your relatives? Buy it at Slanik Souvenir, which offers a variety of typical souvenirs from Slanik Waterpark, ranging from T-shirts, pants, and many more.

    Additional Facilities

    You can also use other facilities, namely prayer rooms, gazebos, lockers, and a pavilion, which are available in this tourist area. Very complete, right?

    Now, to enjoy the excitement with family in this place, you have to prepare a budget of Rp40,000 (weekday) and Rp50,000 (weekend) per person for Slanik Waterpark entrance tickets. In specific periods, you can get the Slanik Waterpark promo rate of Rp36,800 (weekday) and Rp48,000 (weekend) per person. The cheaper Slanik Waterpark ticket prices can only be obtained through the Traveloka app. Don't forget; this tourism object can be visited from 09.00-17.00 every day. Now, let’s have a lovely holiday at Slanik Waterpark Lampung!

    Ticket price

    Entrance ticket on weekdays is Rp36,800

    Entrance ticket on weekends is Rp48,000

    Ticket Price
    Starting From S$ 2.90.
    Opening Hours
    Jl. Raya Karang Anyar, Karang Turi, Jati Agung, Karang Anyar, Lampung Selatan, Kabupaten Lampung Selatan, Lampung 35365, Indonesia.
    Public Facilities
    Restaurant,Toilet,Changing Room,Parking Area