What is JR Pass?

Japan Rail Pass, or more commonly known as the JR Pass, is the most effective way for tourists to explore Japan. If you plan to visit various areas in Japan, then buying a Japan Train Pass can save a lot of your travel budget.

Provided by the Japan Railways Group (JR Group), the Japan Train Pass offers two train classes, which are the regular Ordinary Car and the premium Green Car. But aside from trains, the JR Pass can also be used to ride other JR Group’s transportation modes, such as airport transfers, buses, ferries, and even bicycles.

Official Partner of Japan Railways Group

Whether you want to explore all parts of Japan, or just really get to know an area, we’ll find a pass to suit your needs.

Why book JR Pass with Traveloka?

Find the Right Pass Easily

No more getting confused about which pass to buy. Just tell us where you want to go in Japan, and we’ll find the right pass for you.

Various Delivery Method

Getting your Exchange Order is now easier. You can pick it up yourself or have it delivered via email or courier.

Fully Refundable

Change of plans? No worries. All you need to do is send us your Exchange Order and we’ll fully refund your pass.

Redeeming the JR Pass Bought at Traveloka

Bring your Exchange Order

When you travel to Japan, make sure to bring your Exchange Order.

Ask for the Temporary Visitor stamp

Upon entering Japan, ask the immigration officer to apply the Temporary Visitor stamp on your passport.

Go to one of the JR offices

Go to any of the JR offices located in major airports and train stations (as listed here).

Redeem your JR Pass

To get your JR Pass, show your Exchange Order and the Temporary Visitor stamp on your passport to the JR staff.