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22 Feb 2021 - 2 min read

Things to Do at Jurong Bird Park
Welcome to the heaven of birds!

With its 20.2-hectare area, Jurong Bird Park is the largest bird park in Asia. Since its opening in 1971, this bird park has become a home for various species of birds. Now, there are almost 3,500 birds from 400 species live in here. Around 20 per cent of those are threatened species.

It is such a heavenly experience to stroll around and observe the birds calling you. In Jurong Bird Park, there are also unique animals you can see in closer look, such as Penguin Coast and Pelican Cove. Besides displaying immersive aviaries, this bird park is also a conservatory. It is the first bird park in the world to breed Malayan black hornbill and the twelve-wired bird of paradise.

Do you still don’t know how to spend your holiday? Well, visit Jurong Bird Park is an option and these are the joyful things you can do there.

Jurong Bird Park


Embark on the wildlife adventure

Wear your short and loose tees, put a cap on your hat, and get ready to explore wildlife adventure full of chirping birds.

Jurong Bird Park is designed to reflect birds’ natural habitat. You can stroll around aviaries that house beautiful birds and breathe fresh air to refresh your foggy mind. The scenery is soothing, surrounded by trees that truly pamper your eyes.

Waterfall Aviary is visitors’ favorite. It is the largest walk-in aviary at Jurong Bird Park. This aviary is against a 30-meters high waterfall, and a house for more than 600 birds from 50 species. The view of the pigeons, hornbills, and their friends flying over your head is indeed a feast for the eyes.

Feed the birds

If you want to have closer interaction with the feathered residents of Jurong Bird Park, feeding session is not to be missed. With a help from expert keeper, you can let the parrots eat from your hand. Sometimes when they are happy to have you, they will let you stroke their head or they will perch on you. Nothing to be scared of. The birds are friendly and the keepers always stand there on your side.

If you take kids to this attraction, they will surely be happy!

However, if you want something more challenging, try your hand at falconry. The beautiful predator will show its grace in a show. You can participate to let her stand on your hand. It will be a wonderful picture, no doubt about it. Are you up for it?

Lunch with parrots

Book a unique lunch session at Jurong Bird Park. You will have a table reserved for you and your companion. Food will be prepared and a waiter will be ready next to you. But there is something more, something special.

Your lunch will be accompanied by a pretty parrot that will fill your meal time with small talks. Listen to how she mimics the sound from around you. Or they maybe tell you the secret recipe behind your tantalizing cuisine, but of course you will be too busy adoring her colorful feathers to know.

Jurong Bird Park Entrance Fee

To enjoy maximum pleasant leisure at Jurong Bird Park, please keep following the safety measurement applied by the management.

The park is operating at limited capacity, so you are recommended to book your Jurong Bird Park ticket online before arrival. You can find the prices below:

Adult/Youth: S$32
Child (Aged 3 to 12 years old): S$21
Senior citizen (Ages 60 years and above, includes complimentary tram rides): S$15

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