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02 Aug 2018 - 1 min read

20 all-too-relatable memes for those who love to travel but are perpetually broke

The problem that many Millennials such as myself face is the sad fact that most of us don’t make enough money to travel as often or as comfortably as we’d like.

Whether you’re broke because you’re always spending money on traveling or you don’t make enough money to support your travel addiction, here are some memes that are sure to make you laugh, but also cry a little on the inside.

1. When you haven’t gone on vacation in so long, you’ve forgotten what an airplane looks like.
2. When the #FOMO is all too real.
3. But you’re a masochist, so you scroll through your Instagram feed anyway.
4. When you start daydreaming about where you want to go next, but reality slaps you in the face.
5. But if you were being completely honest with yourself...
6. When you decide to ask your boss for a raise so you can travel more, and this is how they react.
7. When you start looking at Workaway opportunities or contemplate becoming a freelancer so you can work AND travel.
8. When the temptation to book a trip becomes too strong.
9. When it comes to being financially responsible.
10. When you have two dream destinations, but can only go to one.
11. #Priorities
12. Your motto when it comes to traveling.
13. When the truth is a bitter pill to swallow.
14. How you bond with your best friend when neither of you can afford to travel.
15. When you sometimes you wish you could simply pack your bags and never return.
16. When your friend with rich parents and no financial obligations brags about how they have no problems saving up to travel.
17. Sometimes it just gets too much to bear.
18. Is it just me, or does money have a magical, disappearing quality?
19. That deep, existential anguish you feel when...
20. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

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