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Traveloka SG

27 Mar 2020 - 4 min read

How the Traveloka Malaysia team is working from home

The Traveloka Malaysia team, like most of us in Malaysia, is working from home during the movement control order period. Let’s take a peek at how we’re setting our workspaces to bring you the best travel and lifestyle content. From dining tables to tatami-style setup, take inspiration (or laugh) at the lengths we go to just to stay on top of our game. Psst… we also included our tips to stay productive while working from home!

Imara Natchiar, Story Copywriter

Motivational book, check. Room spray, check. Facial spray and water bottle because hydration is necessary, check. Desk next to an open window, check. Dumbbells, because a girl is ambitious about not having saggy arms, check. And hand sanitizer of course.

WFH tip: Keeping my planner by my side so I don’t lose track of my to-do list. Also token pet for necessary in-between-work cuddle breaks.

Farah Fazanna Zulzaha, Content Writer

My husband and I have set up a workstation at the dining table. So when both of us have to take con calls, one of us will have to go to the sofa.

WFH tip: I set up a proper desk and chair so my back will thank me.

Amanda Hong, Story Copywriter

This is my third setup. I’ve moved from the dining table to the couch and now to an actual desk. I think this has been the best thus far — because after putting on makeup and getting dressed, I might as well get to an actual desk to do actual work.

WFH Tip: Put water within an arm’s reach because hydration is key.

Ku Azzanea Hafitza Ku Ahmad, SEO Tech Executive

My workspace setup pretty much takes up a majority of my living room since I’m also doing side projects when I’m not working. The purpose of the big table is as you can see, for my cats to hang around.

WFH tip: I’m very picky about my workspace, so for me, a proper setup is enough to get my game on for the rest of the day. I also put my “break time” stuff away from the table because you still need to walk a bit after sitting for some time. Too much sitting ain’t good.

YR, Managing Editor (Chinese content)

My workspace setup is pretty simple with just placing my laptop on a foldable table, sitting properly on a chair and having soft toys in my room. My workspace at home is always in the room as I still need some personal space to focus on my work.

WFH tip: Wake up early, practice morning yoga before taking a cold shower. I start work with my stomach filled. Drinking detox water can also help to refresh my mind and to stay focused at work during the day.

Jaz, Xperience Digital Lead

My setup is pretty simple, which has been like this since I moved in four years ago. During the work from home period, a minor upgrade was made to my WiFi router to ensure that my laptop has uninterrupted Internet juice.

WFH tip: Key things I need to have on my desk all the time is my notebook, laptop, as well as the tiny terror monitor speaker that is supplying continuous good vibes through my favorite jam.

Celestine Foo, Story Copywriter

Working in an office, I rarely get to fully make use of my home workspace so I decided to make the most of it during this WFH period. I used warm, woody tones for a soothing feel. I think aesthetics is pretty important so you can actually enjoy sitting there — be it for work or for other things.

WFH tip: Keep your desk uncluttered! A clear desk = a clear mind.

Valerie Vanessa, Managing Editor (English content)

No matter where I live, my home has to be cozy and have a work desk so I’ve always had this set up. I love it here. My big covered balcony is on the highest floor, so I can see the blue sky, hear the birds and enjoy quite a view.

WFH tip: If eight years of freelancing taught me anything, it is to always separate your work and sleeping quarters. Especially if you’re a workaholic, it’s difficult to relax and turn off if you don’t.

Lina Khazali, Managing Editor (Bahasa Malaysia content)

My WFH work desk is usually either in front of the TV (to keep me company, I consider the TV my colleague 😂), the dining table or in front of the big window. It’s usually nicer later in the afternoon when the sun is not too hot.

WFH tip: Always include live plants near you. It helps in reducing stress and in creating a better work environment!

Cheryl Ann, Story Lab Lead

Not gonna lie, this isn’t my only workstation but it’s my favorite. At the coffee table in the living room, sitting on my Muji floor chair tatami-style is where I find focus… not cooped up in some other room!

WFH tip: See that binoculars next to my laptop? No, I am not spying on neighbors but times like these call for looking out the window more often to stay connected with the outside world.