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Traveloka SG

26 Jul 2015 - 1 min read

Traveling Solo is Not Just For the Brave!

You’ve heard your friends share epic stories on how they traveled the world alone, and although you’ve heard it time and time again, you still find it impressive! It can be a little daunting and require you to step out of your comfort zone, but it’s certainly worth it. Find out the valuable lessons you can learn from traveling solo:

1. Get to know yourself

You probably didn’t realize this, but spending time with yourself is highly important. When you’re back home and occupied with your busy schedule, more often than not you’re doing things for work or others and not yourself. It’s time to focus on your own needs and wants and the new things you learn about yourself will be sure to surprise you.

2. Be independent

When you’re traveling alone you have no one to rely on but yourself. You have to figure out how to get from point A to B, ensure you have your meals, accommodation, and above all be able to have fun! Traveling alone teaches you to be comfortable alone and in your own skin.

3. Make new friends

You don’t have to brave the whole trip alone as you are bound to meet other solo travelers just like yourself! The people you meet are likely to be from exotic places all over the world and likely to be the most interesting that you will ever come across. Imagine the stories you will share and the memories you will create.

4. The urge to travel again

Once you’ve traveled solo, you’re bound to get addicted! This means your doubts of travelling alone would have vanished and nothing is going to get in your way of seeing more of the world. It’s time to see new places and experience different cultures!

So, whats the first destination on your list?