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21 Nov 2019 - 3 min read

5 best spas in Kuala Lumpur to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul

All hard work must be equally rewarded. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student, a dedicated employee, a business(wo)man, or even a stay-at-home parent — everyone needs to take a break from their hectic lives to just chill and relax. What better way to recharge your tired souls than to spend the day at the spa listening to soothing music while someone massages your tight muscle knots away?

There are plenty of spas around Kuala Lumpur that will leave you spoilt for choice. So we’re here to help you make a decision by rounding up the best five spas to rejuvenate your senses. The best thing is, you can save more by buying your spa package on Traveloka that also promises a hassle-free process! So, keep calm and read on!

For a healthier glow, go to: Celmonze The Signature

Is the cold office air drying your skin and making you feel worn out? Then, take some time off from your busy schedule and take a breather with an immersive body pampering experience at Celmonze The Signature. Choose the Relaxing Body Massage and experience an out-of-this-world body massage which releases muscle tension, improves blood circulation and decreases stress. We promise you’ll walk away feeling restored and energized!

For beauty treatments, go to: Bio-Jourdeness

Been working hard and there’s not enough time to take care of your skin? Bio-Jourdeness is where you can indulge yourself with a variety of spa beauty treatments. From foot and back massages to tai chi oxygen facial treatments, there’s surely one that will rejuvenate your skin and leave you feeling pampered. Book an appointment at your nearest outlet on Traveloka now!

For sound healing, spa and self-care, go to: Future of Wellness

The new kid on the (spa) block, Future of Wellness in Kota Damansara, offers a variety of spa, beauty and healthcare services which include yoga, ethnic Borneo massage, traditional Chinese medicine and more. This is truly the place where you can enjoy everything under one roof. It’s perfect for busy city folks as you can relax and unwind in a soothing ambiance, refreshing your mental and physical health. We bet you’ll leave the spa feeling refreshed and well-rested!

For Balinese massage, go to: Mandara Spa

Sit back and relax as you indulge in a world-renowned spa experience at Mandara Spa, a place where you can pamper and rejuvenate your body with a traditional Balinese massage. The spa, which is offered at most prominent hotels in Kuala Lumpur, is also perfect for a staycation trip. The best thing is, the spa uses products from Elemis Spa-therapies, a luxury British spa and skincare brand, so you know you’re getting only the best! It’s the perfect way to relax and unwind.

For authentic Thai massage, go to: Healthland

If you can’t go to Bangkok for their famous Thai massage, you can still go to Healthland. With over 30 outlets in the Klang Valley, it’s easier than ever to achieve your ultimate wellness goal. Immerse yourself in the spa’s serene and tranquil surroundings, and let your body be soothed in many different ways. Take your pick of full-body treatments like Thai, Aromatherapy and Ayurvedic massages, as well as facial skin specialization treatments focusing on the eyes, lines or wrinkles. These will surely bring you to a much deeper state of relaxation and wellbeing.

Planning the wellness journey? Your adventure starts right here with Traveloka.