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04 Apr 2021 - 5 min read

Stop Googling: We’ve Got Your 5 Must-Visit Penang Beaches Covered

Everybody knows Penang’s got plenty of beaches but which ones are the best ones? While it’s easy to head straight for the popular spots, some of the lesser known ones are hidden gems of their own.

Everybody knows Penang’s got plenty of beaches but which ones are the best ones? While it’s easy to head straight for the popular spots, some of the lesser known ones are hidden gems of their own. Here’s the 101 on which beach to head to, depending on what you’re looking for.

1. Kerachut Beach: For true nature-lovers.

Keen on escaping the hustle and bustle of daily life? Aside from its beauty, Kerachut Beach is known for being clean and secluded. It houses a meromictic lake - which means the lake has uniquely separated layers of water that don’t intermix - and even a turtle conservation centre. If you’re lucky, you might even catch sight of a few baby turtles.

Access the beach by boat via National Park at Teluk Bahang for a fee. If you’re feeling up for a hike, you could go through a two-hour trail from the park too. Seeing as how you’ll be rewarded by a beautiful beach in the end, it’s definitely worth the effort!

2. Batu Ferringhi Beach: For big groups.

Perhaps the most well-known beach in Penang, Batu Ferringhi is easily accessible by car with a ton of attractions to boot. This beach is best if you’ve got a big group of people, all of whom may want to do different things. From lounging around, water sports, to picnicking by the beach, this spot has got you covered.

Because the beach is also near several well-established accommodations, it’s possible to book a hotel that directly gets you to it as well.

3. Monkey Beach: For introverts.

In order to get to this secluded beach, you’ll need to get a boat ride from the Penang National Park entrance or from Batu Ferringhi beach. A visit is always possible by jungle trekking too, as long as you follow the jungle tracks along the coastline of the National Park.

True to the beach’s name, there are monkeys in the area along with other wildlife such as lizards and squirrels. We think this is a good indication of a beach that still stays to its true form. There are a few shacks along the stretch that sell snacks and drinks but aside from that, you’re pretty much on your own to enjoy all the privacy your heart desires.

4. Gertak Sanggul: For those looking for peace & quiet.

Located on the southwest coast of Penang, Gertak Sanggul is a fishing village that’s ideal for fishing, relaxing, and even photography (especially during sunset). Unwind with coconut trees in sight and dig your toes into clean, warm sand.

Watch the fishing boats bob up and down and let the day pass by without a care. There are also several good eateries nearby, such as Ilyana’s Cafe if you’re in the mood for prawn mee. So no need to worry if your stomach starts growling!

5. Teluk Bahang Beach (Tanjung Bungah): For those looking for a quick trip.

Tanjung Bungah beach is a suburban beach located only 30 minutes away from the heart of George Town. Though not far from town, the beach is relatively uncrowded.

Coming here is a good idea if you’re not especially keen on traveling by boat or trekking through a jungle trail. The location is also great if you’re planning to have some Malay dishes and fresh seafood after your stroll down the beach. Pay a visit to the Floating Mosque nearby for a beautiful view over the sea.

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