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03 Jan 2019 - 4 min read

A Malaysian’s survival guide for winter travels

Malaysia has it all… Except for snow. If you are willing to travel across the globe for a change of season, then there might be some snow in it for you. But, first, how can our Malaysian physique, born and bred in a tropical climate, survive extremely cold weather?

We’ve rounded up several tips and tricks sworn by travelers traversing the globe during this time of the year to keep you warm (and sane) on your winter trips. Don’t let the cold put a damper on your holiday!

First, cover all up, then layer up

Yes, we mean all parts. That includes your ears, hands, head and neck. Hands and ears are easy to neglect but trust us, chapped hands and itchy ears will leave you bitterly wallowing in regret.

Remember to layer up your clothing! The materials that you should look for in outerwear are cashmere, fleece and wool. Most importantly, don’t forget a good, snug thermal base. Pick thermal tops and leggings that hug your body just right in order to keep you insulated.

Tip: Invest in reliable winter gear, especially touchscreen gloves so you don’t have to take off your gloves to use your smartphone.

Keep yourself moisturized

Lotion for your body, lotion for your hand, bring a heavy-duty moisturizer for everything to beat winter dryness! Amp up your hydration game and apply a generous amount of moisturizer all over your body to combat dry and flaky skin. Moisturizer will keep your skin soft and smooth.

Tip: Stick to a consistent moisturizing routine because skipping can lead to flaky skin. You know the mantra, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Pack some heat packs

In winter, the heat pack is your best friend. There is a number of heat packs that you can choose from: one that you can pop into your pockets, another that you attach to your clothing or adhesive body warmers.

If you find it hard to pick a favorite, well, just get them all. We’re pretty sure you’ll find them useful in the harsh temperature.

Fun fact: Did you know that there are also heat packs for eyes and feet? That’s how important keeping your whole body warm is!

Drink warm beverages and eat comfort food

The winter months are made for mugs full of warm beverages. No matter how frightful the weather outside can get, nothing like a hot chocolate to stave off the cold and keep you snug.

Also, opt for spiced dishes to warm you up on a cold winter’s night. In fact, anything with a spicy kick is almost always guaranteed to be a good call and a welcome respite from the chilly winter. Our all-time favorite is hot pot simply because nothing warms your body (and mind) like a pot of hot and savory broth!

Choose safety over style

Leave your stylish shoes behind. Instead, get sensible shoes that are made for winter walking! This is a very painful lesson that we came to learn after clumsily slipping on ice. You don’t wanna fall onto your buttocks like us, do you?

Tip: Your winter footwear should be durable and waterproof. Shoes with grippy rubber soles are the best.

Stock up on medical supplies

Stay ahead of the winter bug and stock up on essential medical supplies such as lozenges, vitamins and paracetamols. Just in case accidents befall you or people traveling with you, you’ll have all of the essentials.

A drastic change in the temperature can make someone who is used to tropical weather feel ill, so it’s best to have go-to meds that’ll help you feel better instantly.

Check winter weather conditions

When checking winter weather, see also the “feels like” temperature which will give you a clearer idea on how the weather will actually feel when you step outdoors. Checking both air temperature and “feels like” temperature will help you to make a much more informed decision about your wardrobe.

Now, you’re all ready to weather the storm with ease!

Fact: While the weather forecast usually provides almost accurate readings of the air temperature, it cannot tell you what the temperature actually feels like. And let’s not forget, the petrifying wind chills! Brrr.

There you have it, all the winter hacks you need for your winter wonderland escapade. What’s left is just for you to book your cool trip on Traveloka!