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12 Oct 2016 - 5 min read

'Appy' Travels: 7 Apps You Need to Have While Traveling

Before I travel, I always ensure my phone has all the apps needed for my trip. I also download some new ones (if necessary) when on the go.

From apps that give me directions, especially when I’m lost in unfamiliar places, to apps that help me enjoy savings on flights and hotels, here are 7 apps you need to have while traveling.

1. Pack Your Suitcase

Whether you’re going off for a vacation, travel, or a business trip, Pack Your Suitcase is a great app that helps you organize your trip. With this app, you can list down everything you need for your trip.

Planning what you’re packing for your trip is one of the things you need to do before you travel and Pack Your Suitcase will help you with that as it allows you to create as many lists as you want. That way you won’t forget to complete all necessary duties before you leave.

In case you accidentally remove your lists, you can have them restored with just one click. It’s easy, isn’t it?

2. Skype


I always Skype no matter where I go. I’ve been using the app for many years now and it still serves me well. It’s one of the communication apps I have that doesn’t disappoint me. With Skype, I can always say “hello” to my friends and family, wherever I am.

I also use Skype for work. When I was working as an independent contractor, I used Skype to receive and make free calls, video calls (with up to 25 people), and instant messages. Now I mainly use it to have online discussions with my colleagues from around the world. And if I need to make calls to mobiles and landlines, I use Skype credit to communicate at low rates.



Navigation apps are important to me. While printed maps are still widely used, digital maps are a lot more practical. There’s no need to squint and open your eyes widely just to pinpoint the locations you’re looking for.

Imagine you were in a foreign country. Everything and everywhere is alien to you. What do you do? You use a map or a navigation app like Google Maps to help you. It’s a great app. But without the Internet, it’s not so handy. So what’s the next best thing? For me, I use MAPS.ME.

MAPS.ME is an offline navigation app that works in any country and anywhere, even the most remote places. All you need to do is download the maps of the places you want. You can even bookmark the ones you like, or share your favorite places with your friends.

The app’s GPS positioning and compass will also show you your exact location. As long as you have the app running, the map will automatically orient itself to wherever you go.

Don’t waste time. If you don’t know the way, use this app to guide you (for free)!

4. Memrise


I love Memrise simply because I love to learn new languages. Ever since Spanish became my 5th language, I’ve always wanted to learn more languages, especially before I go abroad. Learning a new language, even the basics, is very helpful when traveling. If you have access to the Internet, why not pick up a new language in your free time?

You can even do it while resting at the beach as Memrise works offline too. I often make new friends when I meet travelers on the road. And every time I make new friends, I am motivated to learn their language. So I teach myself new languages (like Arabic, French and German) even when on the go. So can you!

5. Money Lover


Apps that help you track your expenses are also useful when you’re traveling. I use Money Lover to help me monitor my daily transactions. With this app, I will know where my money goes. I can also set my budget to help me cut back anything unnecessary. Even better, the app will notify me when my budget reaches its limit.

When I was out backpacking, I didn’t have to worry about paying my electric, water, or internet bills. That was because I didn’t have a home and was living out of a backpack. Even if you’re out traveling for a short period (and will go back home when the trip is over), you wouldn’t want to be worrying about bills, do you?

If you need to pay your bills while traveling, Money Lover will help you stay on top of them as the app allows you to schedule any upcoming payment. That way you won’t miss any important bills.

And whatever currency you may be using when traveling, Money Lover allows you to manage multiple wallets with different currencies, so you can keep track of all accounts in just one application. Perfect for travelers!

6. Traveloka


There are so many travel apps out there for flight and hotel bookings. I choose Traveloka. The app is user-friendly, free, and very easy to use. With the app, you can find many attractive promotions for flights and hotels.

Whenever I need to go and stay somewhere, all I need to do is log on to my Traveloka account (because members get cheaper rates!) and browse their latest flight and hotel deals.

Speaking from experience, I have saved a lot with Traveloka. The biggest saving I’ve ever gotten from a single booking was RM80! If you want to know why I chose Traveloka as my “travel buddy”, read Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Travel with Traveloka.

7. Uber/Grab

Source: Alexey Boldin /

I use Uber and Grab all the time. I keep both of them on my phone so I can compare their rates. Sometimes I get cheaper rides with Uber and sometimes I get better rates with Grab. Like any other consumers, I want to get the most savings, and if I can benefit from these apps, I’ll take all chances. They are, after all, not the cheapest transportation options. So I use them only when I have to.

There are times when I have to come home late, or whenever I don’t have much time to spare until the next bus arrives. Uber and Grab are the two alternatives I turn to which, although are more pricey than the bus, can at least help me save time on the road.

I can also use bank/credit cards to pay my rides. Once my trips are complete, Uber/Grab will send me the receipts. Simple!

What about you? What useful apps have you used for your travels?