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29 Mar 2019 - 4 min read

10 most fun rides you must check out at Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park

Ever faced with disappointment when the theme park ride you’ve been anticipating was not operating due to bad weather? Well, say “good-bye” to that, and “hello” to the new Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park that just opened its doors late last year. At over 400,000 sq ft, this new Tron-like theme park has more than 20 awesome rides, from thrilling spin rides for the adrenaline junkies to family-friendly rides for those with young children. And they are all indoors! We think the Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park is giving outdoor theme parks a run for their money with its thrilling rides, and highlighted 10 of the rides that give the most fun. Let’s check it out!

Spin Crazy

Let’s start with the most intense ride in Skytropolis. Spin Crazy is a gigantic spinning pendulum that takes its riders on a gut-twisting, 360-degree spin up in the air. It even stops mid-air for a couple of seconds, suspending its riders before swinging downwards, just to get them screaming their lungs out! This ride is definitely a must-try for you adrenaline junkies. We came out of the ride with wobbly knees!

Power Surge

With a modus operandi similar to Spin Crazy, the Power Surge takes a new twist by rotating clockwise and anti-clockwise as it spins upwards. Just one tip from us: Avoid eating anything heavy before you try out these crazy rides at Skytropolis!


Disco! is one of the rides that you’ll first see when you step into the theme park. It’s a huge spinning disc that swings back and forth along a curved track with increasing speed, while rotating rapidly at the same time. The ride doesn’t look that daunting at first, but don’t let appearances fool you. Another one for the adrenaline junkies!

Music Express

Phew, it’s time to take a breather with Music Express, which feels like a merry-go-round to us after all those heart-stopping rides. The fast-spinning ride will take you by surprise with sudden elevations and by moving backwards sometimes. Hold on to the bar tightly, because you might slide off your seat from the speed!

Sky Towers

A classic theme park ride, the Sky Towers brings you all the way up before plummeting suddenly. It does this a few times, and without warning as to keep riders at the edge of their seats each time.

Balloon Race

We survived! Now, for the more family-friendly rides, the Balloon Race is a reminiscence of the Spinning Tea Cup but with a twist. It takes riders high up in the air in spinning gondolas and you can control the speed of the spin. Be warned: it could be quite a dizzying experience if your little ones keep spinning the gondola!

Space Cadets

For something that looks like a flying experience, try the Space Cadets ride. It takes riders on futuristic-looking spaceships, and you can “control” it making the spaceship go higher or lower. It’s a fun ride for both the kids and parents!

Royal Carousel

Undoubtedly the most beautiful ride in Skytropolis, the Royal Carousel ride features a double storey carousel adorned with beautifully ornamented horses and chariots that go round and round. It’s definitely a favorite among the kids! This ride needs adult supervision at all times, and it’s easy to do so with a small bench next to the horses or chariots where parents can sit on.

Bumper Boss

No theme park is complete without a bumper car ride. Drive the car like a boss, and bump into another driver. The harder the bump, the more fun it becomes!

Copper Express

This is a safe, fun ride for younger kids. The train ride takes the kids and parents on a tour around a mini “safari”. So just sit back, and enjoy the ride!

Pro tip: If you’re feeling peckish, there are stalls selling waffles, popcorn and hot dogs for quick bites. For fuller meals, take a break from the rides and head over to one of the many restaurants located in First World Plaza.

Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park is the perfect place to have fun, whether you’re an adult or a kid. There’ll be more fun rides opening soon, such as the roller coaster Super Glider, Spinning Tea Cups and Soaring Ships that will give an aerial view of the theme park. Watch this space!

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