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12 Dec 2019 - 4 min read

72 hours in Phuket: The ultimate travel itinerary to unwind

We have partnered with homegrown Firefly airline to bring you the first ever You Go, We Go: Traveloka Travel Vlog series, where we hope to inspire people to explore the world. In this travel vlog series, we’ll be bringing you around the enchanting Southeast Asia and for each episode, we’ll zoom in on little-known and interesting attractions. You definitely don’t want to miss this!

In this second episode, travelers Imara, Cheryl and Amanda flew to Phuket for a fun island vacation. While the thought of lying on the beach and sipping fresh coconut juice sounds like heaven, there are plenty of other things to do in Phuket! Wanna know what they were up to? Let’s follow their adventure! Psst… if you’re heading to Phuket, our itinerary below might be useful too 😉.

Day 1: Get acquainted with Phuket

Afternoon: Visit the award-winning Chalong Bay Distillery

There’s no better way to arrive in Phuket than going on a distillery tour! Not your regular distillery, Chalong Bay is Phuket’s one and only artisanal distillery where French distillation and Thai sugarcane come together. Explore the grounds of the distillery with a mojito in hand and be sure to try the Chalong Bay Rum where the taste of /fermented sugarcane shot floods your tastebuds! Have kids with you? Don’t worry. They can try the non-alcoholic homemade syrups and sugarcane juice. After the tour, you can take a seat on one of the many cozy, plush seatings and enjoy a glass of refreshing mojito - yet again!

Evening: Explore Phuket Old Town

Phuket Attractions Phuket Old TownAfter checking into My Beach Resort, the girls ventured out to explore Phuket Old Town. Built on riches reaped from Phuket’s tin boom of last century, you’ll have the chance to check out the grandiose Sino-colonial mansions, shrines and temples, as well as ornate and beautifully preserved shophouses, quaint cafes and even a former red light district. Pro tip: The team found the area to be quiet after sundown and many of the attractions were closed, so go in the morning for maximum adventure. As for dinner, head over to Blue Elephant where you can savor delicious traditional Thai food.

Day 2: Fun in the sun

We hope you brought your swimsuits, cos you’re going on a cruise! Board the luxurious HYPE Luxury Boat Club and sail the Andaman Sea for a day of lavish retreat. The boat will take you around Phuket so you’ll be able to snorkel and sunbathe in Coral Island and Racha Yai Island. To end the perfect day, you’ll enjoy an amazing sunset near Promthep Cape. If you’re wondering whether you’ll be hungry on the boat, don’t worry as you can indulge in fine Thai cuisine, sushi and tapas (it’s an all-inclusive price!), accompanied by refreshing drinks while a professional DJ plays your favorite tunes. It’s totally the perfect way to unwind!

Day 3: Leave all the stress behind

What’s a trip to Thailand without experiencing the delightful Thai massage, right? Enjoy a relaxing spa and beauty treatments at the Oasis Sky Breeze Spa to end your trip perfectly. Located in Kata, where the beautiful Andaman coastline serves as a backdrop, the expert massage therapist will treat you well with all the holistic wellness treatments you deserve. Take your pick from a wide variety of body treatments, from traditional Thai body massages, a Morocco Red Clay Body Wrap to a coconut butter body scrub, all will be given by skillful therapists to ensure the perfect spa experience. You’ll go home refreshed and ready to take on the world!

Wanna know what else Imara, Cheryl and Amanda were up to in Phuket? Watch the full video on our YouTube channel now! Experience this amazing trip by booking your flight to Phuket with Traveloka!

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Follow the Traveloka team as we embark on a fun-filled adventure across Southeast Asia to explore little-known and interesting attractions. In every episode, we’ll be zooming into the best activities as well as give you some tried-and-true tips!