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21 Sep 2016 - 8 min read

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Travel with Traveloka

You dream of traveling the world, but you’re afraid to do it because you think traveling is expensive. That was how I felt too; but not anymore. There are so many ways to make that dream happen!

If you haven’t heard of Traveloka, let me tell you all about it. Everything I am about to tell you in this article is based on my own experience and travel perspective. By the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll feel compelled to visit their website. Seriously.

Here are top 10 reasons why you should travel with Traveloka:

1. Cheap flights all year round


If there’s one thing I am thankful for today, it’s definitely the opportunity to fly to wherever I want. I can go overseas to experience a world different than mine. It’s amazing how different we are even though we all inhabit the same blue ball that’s floating in space called ‘earth’. And just as I land in a foreign place, I see a different culture which is somehow similar to mine.

I can do this whenever I want because it’s a site like Traveloka that makes the search for the cheapest flights easier.

2. Plenty of hotel choices


After you book your flight, you need to book your accommodation, right? Whether you need the cheapest or the most luxurious hotels, you can find them at Traveloka.

There are many good hotels found at Traveloka. Of course you won’t know how good a hotel really is until you try it yourself. But you can judge a hotel based on the reviews given by others.

Traveloka always encourages its customers to leave their feedback about a hotel they recently checked into. Their kind feedback will help other travelers make better decisions on their hotel choices.

3. They give lots of discounts


Okay, this one is for real. They give lots of discounts. But these discounts are usually for a limited period. So you have to act fast and book as soon as you see them. It’s not that I want you to be an impulsive and compulsive buyer, but if the prices are amazingly low, why not get them?

The discounts I’m referring to are flight and hotel discounts. I’ve booked flights and hotels at Traveloka for discounted prices. I was satisfied with the value I got. Once I managed to get RM70 off the hotel of my choice; another time was RM50 off. I’ve never gotten such deals until I booked at Traveloka!

4. Their promotions are meaningful


Like anyone else in this world, I want to save money. So when I purchase something, it should not only be cheap, it also has to give me the added value.r. Most important of all, it has to fulfill my needs. Traveloka’s promotions check all of these boxes.

There are always new promotions on the Traveloka website every time I visit. What I like about them is the message that every one of them brings. I am always triggered to book flights and hotels. But I don’t randomly buy them - every booking is driven by a set of purpose.

For example, just recently Traveloka announced their Merdeka discounts. That was something I can relate to because Merdeka means something special to me. It’s the day Malaysians like me and many others celebrate our independence.

On the other hand, every Friday is Traveloka’s TGIF promo day whereby customers can enjoy up to 73% off selected hotels in some of Malaysia’s popular locations.

Honestly, I usually stay in hotels when I’m on vacation. But thanks to this promotion, every week can be a staycation. It’s definitely something you will appreciate especially after a tiring week of hard work.

5. The Traveloka App is worth the download


One of the best travel apps is the Traveloka App. This is how I personally feel about it. As a traveler, it’s an app worth the download. It has served me very well especially during my recent trip to Jakarta.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you can download it from Google Play or App Store. You’ll notice that the app has been downloaded 9 million times by people from all around the world. I am basically one of them!

With the app, you can book cheap flights and hotels. Its top section is where you can find their latest promotions. Under ‘My Account’, you can manage your profile and many other features. For faster booking process, use TravelokaQuick to help you complete your booking in one single tap. Their latest feature, the ‘Price Alerts’ is my favourite. With this feature, you can be one of the first to know about flight and hotel prices changes. Download Traveloka App now to learn more about it.

6. They always inform you about their deals


Traveloka always makes sure that all of their customers will enjoy the same kind of benefit, which is to get as much savings for flights and hotels as possible.

If you subscribe to their newsletter, you will get special access to their special promotions. So whenever Traveloka comes up with a new promotion, you’ll be the first to know! From my own experience, I haven’t been enjoying as much travel discounts before as I do now.

Apart from newsletters, Traveloka also uses their social media platforms to announce their most recent giveaways. Since many of us are actively using social platforms to stay connected with people, and get the latest news and promotions, any kinds of updates are spread faster.

7. They reward you for your loyalty and support


As consumers, we don’t want to miss out on good deals. Once you purchase flights or hotels at Traveloka, you are entitled to their travel rewards. What exactly are these rewards? The answer is discounts.

Traveloka had previously run a special promotion with CIMB. For this campaign, all CIMB cardmembers were entitled to discounts of up to RM80 on all flights and hotels when they make a purchase using their CIMB credit card.

If you are a frequent traveler (like me), you should take advantage of the rewards. Why not? You can save more, and with the amount of money you’re able to save, you can use it for many more much-needed holidays.

Also, at Traveloka, you don’t need to wait until the next festive season to book cheap flights and hotels. Because flight and hotel prices are so affordable (and you can save more using Traveloka’s coupons), we can travel more often than ever.

8. Responsive customer service


While we can’t always avoid problems, we can at least manage them. Based on my experience, the Traveloka’s customer service is very responsive. When I was facing problems with my flight booking during my Jakarta trip, their staff was able to assist me within a few hours.

I was happy with their prompt replies and actions. So I can say that their customer service is pretty good and reliable. You won’t even need to call their office to get help. All you have to do was go to their Help section. There are already plenty of frequently asked questions displayed there. Ask and get the information you need about refunds, cancellation, change, hotel and flight information, and many more.

You can also start a live chat with them. This might be a better option than contacting them via email or telephone. Optionally you can also reach them via Facebook, Google and Twitter.

9. Honest price only


You must be wondering what does honest price mean? It means the price you see is the price you pay. There are no hidden charges. Below is an example:

You try to book a hotel for your upcoming trip. You browse for hotels at the Traveloka booking portal. You stumble upon one you like. The price of a Superior room is RM280.

After you read the hotel descriptions, you are fully satisfied with everything that the hotel has to offer.

Finally, you are ready to make payment at the payment page. The amount you see at the beginning of your booking is the same amount you have to pay at the end of the booking. Tax and other kinds of charges are already included.

See what I mean? Honest price all the way! Hence, you won’t have to be half way though your booking and then be disappointed by a price that’s a lot higher than what you initially see.

10. Safe online booking


With so much fraud on the digital space today, it’s normal to be wary about online transactions especially when you’re making big purchases using your credit card.

Don’t worry about making purchases at the Traveloka booking portal as the site is protected by RapidSSL authorized technology. You can be rest assured that your data and privacy are secure always.

After you book your flight or hotel, your e-ticket or hotel voucher will then be sent to your email. Easy!

Are these 10 reasons good enough to convince you to travel with Traveloka? Book your flight and hotel for your next trip to experience them yourself. For the best booking experience, download the Traveloka App now. Happy traveling! =)

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