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22 Aug 2018 - 2 min read

Why Over-Planning Your Vacation Is A Bad Idea

Going with the flow and letting things take shape on their own can result in greater experiences, and usually beats attempting to control how things turn out. Here are some of the reasons why not planning every last detail of a holiday may result in you having the best vacation experiences ever:

You are less beholden to Murphy's Law

Murphy’s Law insists that anything that can go wrong, will. In the world of travel, there are so many variables that can cause mishaps, that seeking to control them is a recipe for disaster. Some of the things that can take a wrong turn include a flight delay, being booked into a crappy hotel room, losing your luggage, and someone in your entourage getting sick among others. All these things are completely out of your control, so it’s best to take them in stride.

When you plan your trip to a tee, even the smallest adjustment to your schedule can throw everything into disarray. Leaving your itinerary open, and allowing yourself the chance to go with the flow, will allow you to respond well to any changes that might take place. If and when something does go wrong, you’ll just shrug it off and make corrections with new pieces of information.

You can cancel a crappy service any time

Travel is all about experiences. If you unknowingly book a crappy service provider, and the deal is tied to several other services in your itinerary, you leave yourself no option to bail out.

Those who aren’t as reliant on a single service provider or agency will be able to bail out without worrying as to how the decision will affect the rest of their trip. They can just choose the next available service provider who can fulfil their needs.

There’s no guarantee that your hotel, tour operator, cell provider, or tour guide will be world-class. You shouldn’t have to deal with bad service providers when on vacation. If you extensively plan your trip and book a series of services in advance while still at home, you’ll end up being tied to most of the decisions you’ve made. You’re likely to be better off allowing yourself the opportunity to shop around once you get to your destination.

You can live in the moment

Having a fixed itinerary will force you to constantly fret about getting to your next attraction, potentially missing your booked time slots, and the like. Having to constantly be mindful of the time you have left to spend at an attraction dampens the joy of experiencing the moment.

When you don’t have other commitments that immediately follow an activity, you can take as much time as you want doing that particular activity. Who knows? You might even change your mind about visiting other sites or attractions. Booking activities as you go along gives you flexibility without affecting your entire trip.

You can change accommodation mid-trip

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