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Singapore Hotel Deals and Promotions by Traveloka

Find best hotel deals in Singapore! Get hotel deals and special promotions from our accommodation products including Hotel, Villa, & Apartment via direct booking or vouchers and coupons options only in Traveloka!

Best Hotel Deals in Singapore

Tips to Find Hotel Promotions in Singapore

Hotel promo has become an essential part of both long holiday or short staycation these days. Even sometimes, a traveler can decide to book stay right away upon seeing an interesting promotion of desired hotel. It can be said that checking promo availability is now mandatory habit prior to picking a hotel, especially when you decide to spend leisure in Singapore, one of main destination in South East Asia.As a country that has been known as traveling destination, there are a lot of options for hotel promotion and deals in Singapore. You can pick one which suits your budget and type of trip. From 5-stars luxurious hotel which bears a name of famous global hotel chain brand to the economic one that welcomes backpacker in a warm homey setting – all of them can be found in Singapore. 

How to Find Singapore Hotel Deals?

Finding a hotel promotion in Singapore is actually easy. However, if you are not accustomed to traveling, it could be quite tricky. A non-traveler is more likely to jump into booking a hotel without comparing the rate or searching for hotel promo and deals. Although you will still get the hotel, you will miss the opportunity of paying on the best price. Here we share our pro tips in finding hotel promotion in Singapore.

Schedule your stay weeks or months before

For a hotel promo hunter, booking a hotel one or two days before the trip is a big no. All travelers know how it works: the closer you book to the due date, the more expensive the rate is. Therefore, our number one price-hack is to book your preferred hotel weeks or months before.However, there are some rare occasions where a hotel offers a flash-sale and deals.To maximize your advantage from this short-term promotion window, we recommend you to check how long before your reservation will be expired. This helps you to recheck your schedule and target the most comfortable time for staycation.

Always compare the rate

It is easy to find different rate of certain hotel from different websites or apps. Compare them before making a reservation is a common sense. Traveloka, as a leading Southeast Asia online travel company that provides a wide range of travel needs in one platform, often comes with interesting hotel promo. You do not want to miss it! So, make sure to get yourself notified.

Turn your radar on for promo update

There is always a hotel promo or deals every year, such as EPIC Sale from Traveloka. In order not to miss this opportunity, you have to turned on your radar. Stay alert for holiday season or promotional campaign held either by hotels, online travel companies, or even government.For example, Singapore government is now having SingapoRediscovers Vouchers program. This campaign is created to support local tourism businesses. From December 1st 2020 until June 30th 2021, all Singapore citizens from 18 years old and above will receive 100 USD worth of SingapoRediscovers Vouchers.You can redeem the voucher at the authorized booking partners, including Traveloka. This voucher is valid for hotels, attractions, and tours. So, it is indeed the best time to find hotel deals in Singapore.

Things to Do After Reserving for Hotel Promo

Now you have got the best hotel promotion in Singapore. What’s next? You have to make a to-do and to-go list. Even when you have secured your reservation in your desired hotel, you still need to plan what you will do during your staycation. Especially, if come to a country like Singapore, where there are so many attractions to choose and this sometimes is a bit confusing. That’s why we ensure you making to-do and to-go list is important. Take a look at the attractions located near your hotel. Hotel in a lively urban area usually is surrounded by shopping malls, cafes, and famous restaurants. You need to do your research. What are the recommended menus in a certain restaurant? Which café does provide the best coffee around? Which malls should you visit if you are looking for branded fashion? In the other hand, a hotel situated in a secluded island offers different experience. Browse information about which one is the less crowded beach? Which beach has the most delicious seafood stall? Is there any bike rental in case you want to explore the area? By making to-do and to-go list, there will be no time wasted on figuring what you should do today. Those are some tips on how to find hotel promotion in Singapore. Have you decided you next staycation plan? Schedule your holiday with Traveloka. We have various hotel promo, staycation promo, or attraction ticket promo that we are sure you don’t want to miss. For instance, now you can get a hotel promotion in Singapore by redeeming SingapoRediscovers Vouchers with us. Let’s hunt for hotel promo and prepare a super fun staycation in Singapore!