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Rent a car at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere. Compare cars from our trusted partners in one platform, finding the right one for you is now easier than ever.

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Car Rental Without Driver

Traveloka Rental Mobil -  Avanza
Grand New Innova (Manual)
Starting From
THB 840 / Day
Traveloka Rental Mobil -  Avanza
Grand New Innova (Matic)
Starting From
THB 840 / Day
Traveloka Rental Mobil -  Avanza
Grand New Avanza (Manual)
Starting From
THB 645 / Day
Traveloka Rental Mobil -  Avanza
Grand New Avanza (Matic)
Starting From
THB 645 / Day

General Requirement (Without Driver)

Car Rental With Driver

Traveloka Rental Mobil -  Avanza
Suzuki Ertiga
Starting From
THB 650 / Day
Traveloka Rental Mobil -  Avanza
Grand New Avanza
Starting From
THB 735 / Day
Traveloka Rental Mobil -  Avanza
Grand New Avanza
Starting From
Rp.340.000 / Day

General Requirement

Convenient and Safety Tips while Renting a Car on a Vacation

Renting a car often becomes a choice for comfortable and safe traveling. This mode of transportation allows you to explore various popular destinations and arrange travel schedules independently. Besides that, the cost of renting a car is also considered cheaper than other transportation when traveling with family or friends. Before deciding to choose a car to rent and make a payment at a car rental, here are several things that you should do to have a safe and comfortable experience while traveling.

Know your needs

Start by knowing your travel needs, it will make you easier to choose the right type of car to support your travel needs. For example, if you are traveling with a group of family or friends, choose the latest car with a large size such as MPV. If you are going to travel in an urban area, you can choose a car with 1,000 cc of power such as Avanza and Xenia. However, if the road that will be taken through has many inclines such as mountain terrain, then you can rent a 1,500 cc car like the Grand Innova. The selection of a car that suits your needs will certainly support your trip to be more comfortable and safe.

Make sure the condition of the car and facilities offered

Before renting a car, you should ask first about the condition of the latest car that you have chosen. Starting from asking when the car is serviced or doing other maintenance. This will later minimize the occurrence of things that are not desirable when traveling. Besides the condition of the car, make sure you also choose a car that supports your needs. If it is your first time in the city, you will need a professional driver who already knows well the surrounding area, and by doing so, it can take you to many places effectively and safely. Do not hesitate to ask about out-of-town pick-up services and travel insurance

Compare and pay attention to car rental prices

When you are going to rent a car in a car rental company, you must know the cost of the specified car rental. The goal is that you can find out the price range of rental cars in the destination city. After that, compare rental rates from several popular car rental providers. You can find different prices for the same type of car. Also pay attention to the additional fees charged for additional facilities outside the package, such as fuel costs, driver meal costs, and pickup services out of town.

Choose a trusted car rental service

Traveloka has officially partnered with many trusted and experienced car rental services, which are available in major cities in Indonesia, namely Jakarta, Bali, Medan, Yogyakarta, Makassar, Palembang, Malang, Balikpapan, Surabaya, Semarang, and Bandung. In addition, this online travel application also offers a user rating feature, so that it can be considered when choosing a car rental. This feature can also compare one car rental service with another. Starting from the conditions, policies, features, quality of the driver, to the cleanliness of its partners.

Book earlier

To be more comfortable and safe, you have to make a reservation for renting a car in advance. Especially if you rent a car in the holiday season. This is to anticipate the unavailability of the car and also getting the normal price. Do not forget to reconfirm the car at least D-1 trip to make sure the car is available according to your order. To make it easier, you can search for car rentals online such as Traveloka. Only by using the Traveloka application, users can choose car rental services easily and practically whenever and wherever. Those are some tips that you can do when about to travel by using a rental car transportation mode. For a pleasant experience, use the Traveloka application for practical convenience in renting a car. Car rental options are guaranteed safe and supported with reliable drivers. Comparing prices and products between verified providers on this platform is fast and easy. At Traveloka, users can also freely choose the duration of the rental, starting from the daily up to weekly car rental.

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Perfect Time to Use Car Rental Service

This type of car transportation is often relied upon for various needs. Its large size has always been the choice of many people to support travel or vacation activities with a group of people and equipment. As one of the tertiary needs, not everyone can buy a car easily. Not to mention there are other budgets that must be considered, such as routine car maintenance, fuel costs, vehicle taxes to the cost of repairs in case of damage. Another alternative to being able to use a car is to rent a car from a car rental provider. However, when is the right time for you to rent a car?

On vacation with a group of people

Vacation moments will definitely be more fun and exciting if done with a group of family or friends. In this situation, adequate transportation needs are needed. For this reason, car rental is becoming one of the right transportation options. By renting a car during the holidays, the trip will be easier and more private. Later on, you will be able to explore a lot of tourist attractions. The use of a car can also help your mobility when visiting tourist destinations that having limited access to public transportation. In addition, renting a car for a vacation can also save more costs, compared with using public transportation at tourist sites.

When you want to have an efficient homecoming trip

Towards the homecoming holidays, usually many migrants return to their hometown. Going home with a rental car will certainly provide maximum comfort for your trip. Homecoming can be more flexible. No need to bother with public transport departure schedules that often make you panic for fear of missing out. If you want to take a rest, you can stay at the inn that can be found along the homecoming route. You also will not be upset with every stops that passengers make to go in and out during the trip. Not only that, the cost of renting a car for going home is also considered to be far more efficient when compared to the cost of using public transportation several times to the destination city.

When you are on a business trip

Some work projects often require you to go out of town for several days. If the city is far enough and takes a long time to travel, then this is not the time to buy a car. The car that you have will not often used and will be on your garage for most of the time. That is why the right solution is to utilize car rental services in the city where you are assigned. The car you rent will facilitate your trip while in the city and of course much better, compared to buying a car that is rarely used.

When you are in a city with inadequate transportation

In terms of transportation facilities, big cities certainly have adequate transportation options that are needed by everyone. But what if one day you need a car to go with your family to a city where transportation facilities are still minimal? Of course, renting a car can be a solution. Besides being comfortable and safe, the price of renting a car can help you save costs. This is because by renting a car, you no longer have to worry about various costs such as vehicle insurance, repair costs, fees, and more.

While attending a special event

Some events sometimes require you to look classy, call it a wedding, engagement proposal, graduation, or luxury event with clients. These moments are of course very special and do not happen all year long, so it does not hurt you to look different. For this situation, renting a car can be the right choice and save you money. Instead of spending money to buy luxury cars whose value continues to decline, it is better to rent a car so that your money can be allocated for other things for investment. Apparently there are many special moments when renting a car is far more profitable than buying a car. For a pleasant experience in choosing a rental car, use an online car rental application such as Traveloka. Besides being practical, Traveloka also offers car rental options that are guaranteed safe and equipped with trusted drivers, up to affordable rental rates that can be compared between providers. Users can also freely choose the duration of the lease, starting from the daily or weekly car rental.

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Benefits of Traveling by Using Car Rental

For many people who travel a lot, the transportation system is one of the important things that should be considered, especially if you are a person who depends on public transportation. However, not all public transportation can reach difficult routes. Therefore, car rental services can certainly be the right alternative for this condition. Here are some of the benefits of a car rental while traveling that you should know about:

Unlimited flexibility

Using a car rental service can provide complete freedom such as driving by using your own car. You can freely determine your own schedule and route as desired. No wonder that you can explore new places too, and so the possibility of finding hidden destinations is also bigger.

Economical car rental rates

If calculated and compared to public transportation modes for traveling, car rental rates are far more efficient and economical. Especially if you are traveling with a large family or group. When you go out of town, for example, you do not have to bother calculating the fee or cost of public transportation to just go back and forth to the destination or explore the destination city. With car rental, the cost seems more efficient and effective.

Maximum comfort and safety

In contrast to using public transportation, you often experience uncomfortable things such as jostling, lost luggage, passenger noise, until the trip feels long because of the stops in between. With car rental services, you certainly will not find these things. You can adjust the speed of the car as you wish, choose the appropriate travel route, and of course, you and your family will feel safe without worrying about losing luggage. Not only that, for comfort and safety, you can also rest at any time if you are tired while traveling.Those are some of the advantages of using car rental services. For those of you who are looking for a trusted car rental, always remember Traveloka for a pleasant experience in choosing a car rental. This online car rental application, besides being practical, also offers car rental options that are guaranteed safe and equipped with trusted drivers, up to affordable rental rates that can be compared to other car rental providers. Users can also freely choose the duration of the lease, starting from the daily or weekly car rental. Everything you can do easily and efficiently in one application.

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