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Hotels in Hua Hin District

Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand · 703 hotels available

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Popular hotels in Hua Hin District


Hinn-Namm Hotel

41/48 Petckasem Rd., Hua Hin, Hua Hin, Hua Hin Beachfront, Hua Hin District, Thailand, 77110

8.5 / 10

Very Good

BEDROOM Nantra Huahin Hotel

Nantra Huahin Hotel

43/1 Soi Naeb Kehardt, Hua Hin, Hua Hin, Hua Hin Beachfront, Hua Hin District, Thailand, 77110

8.2 / 10

Very Good

EXTERIOR_BUILDING B2 Hua Hin Premier Resort

B2 Hua Hin Premier Resort

254/23 Petchkasem Rd., T. Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan , Hua Hin, Hua Hin District, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand, 77110

8.8 / 10

Very Good


Victor Hotel

60 Naresdamri Road, Hua Hin, Hua Hin, Hua Hin Beachfront, Hua Hin District, Thailand, 77110

8.2 / 10

Very Good

Featured Image ibis Hua Hin

ibis Hua Hin

Petchkasem Road Hua Hin 87, Prachubkirikhan, Hua Hin, Hua Hin District, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand, 77110

8.5 / 10

Very Good


Narawan Hotel

250/131 Hua Hin Soi 94 Petchakhasem Rd, Hua Hin, Hua Hin, Hua Hin District, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand, 77110

8.1 / 10

Very Good

Amari Hua Hin

117/74 Takiab Road, Nongkae, Hua Hin, Hua Hin, Hua Hin Beachfront, Hua Hin District, Thailand, 77110

8.9 / 10

Very Good


Season Palace Hua Hin

1995 Phetkasem Road Cha-am, Hua Hin, Hua Hin District, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand, 76120

8.0 / 10

Very Good

My Way Hua Hin Music Hotel

20/35 Soi Hua Hin 108, Petchkasem Rd., Nhongkae, Hua Hin, Hua Hin District, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand, 77110

8.2 / 10

Very Good


Huahin Terminal

23/531 Western Railway Road, Soi Hua Hin 88, Hua Hin, Hua Hin, Hua Hin District, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand, 77110

8.6 / 10

Very Good


Chom View Hotel

93 Soi Huathanon 23, Nongkae, Khao Takiab, Hua Hin, Hua Hin, Hua Hin Beachfront, Hua Hin District, Thailand, 77110

8.3 / 10

Very Good

EXTERIOR_BUILDING Coconut Budget & Boutique Hua Hin

Coconut Budget & Boutique Hua Hin

40/7 Phetchkasem Road, Hua Hin, Hua Hin, Hua Hin District, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand, 77110

9.0 / 10


BEDROOM The Imperial Hua Hin Beach Resort

The Imperial Hua Hin Beach Resort

11/66 Liab Wang Road, Hua Hin, Hua Hin, Hua Hin Beachfront, Hua Hin District, Thailand, 77110

8.7 / 10

Very Good


250/88 Petchakasem Rd., Soi Hua Hin 94, Hua Hin, Hua Hin, Hua Hin District, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand, 77110

8.3 / 10

Very Good

LOBBY Marrakesh Hua Hin Resort & Spa

Marrakesh Hua Hin Resort & Spa

63/411 Moo Baan Nong Kae, T. Nong Kae, A.Hua Hin, Hua Hin, Hua Hin Beachfront, Hua Hin District, Thailand, 77110

8.8 / 10

Very Good

SWIMMING_POOL The Serenity Hua Hin by D Varee

The Serenity Hua Hin by D Varee

53/9 Soi Hua Hin 5/1, Petchkasem Rd., Hua Hin, Hua Hin Beachfront, Hua Hin District, Thailand, 77110

8.4 / 10

Very Good

First Choice Suites

Baan Kunkoey/Baan Kookieng Condominium Petchkasem Road, Nong Kae, Hua Hin, Hua Hin, Hua Hin District, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand, 77110

8.8 / 10

Very Good

LOBBY Mod Guesthouse

Mod Guesthouse

116, Naresdamri Rd., Hua Hin, Hua Hin, Hua Hin Beachfront, Hua Hin District, Thailand, 77110

7.9 / 10


null Royal Pavilion Hua Hin

Royal Pavilion Hua Hin

40/88 Phetkasam Rd., Hua Hin, Hua Hin, Hua Hin District, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand, 77110

9.0 / 10


Featured Image The Hideaway Resort

The Hideaway Resort

39/19 Huahin Soi 9 Phetkasem Road Huahin Prachuab Khirikhun , Hua Hin, Hua Hin Beachfront, Hua Hin District, Thailand, 77110

8.6 / 10

Very Good




Hua Hin is one of the leading resort destinations in Thailand, attracting both local Thais and travelers seeking a quick weekend getaway. International tourists come seeking a premium experience of beaches, luxury hotels, fresh seafood and Thai hospitality unparalleled in the West. Hua Hin is part of Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, which is situated less than 200km south of Bangkok.

The lively town boasts the beach as its main attraction, offering water sport activities and seafood restaurants at a fraction of the price it would be in most other places in the world.

Hua Hin is much like many touristy places in Thailand, with several cultural attractions along with markets and a hilltop temple. Golf enthusiasts will be in heaven here, Hua Hin has much of the sprawled out spaces that cities like Bangkok aren’t able to offer. Some of the best golf courses in Thailand and arguably Southeast Asia are here in Hua Hin. There’s truly plenty for everyone here in Hua Hin, whether you’re part of a family looking for a luxurious vacation, or a couple looking for a romantic getaway, or friends looking to meet locals and other travelers, Hua Hin is an apex of holiday life in Thailand.


History of Hua Hin

The name “Hua Hin” translates roughly to “Stone Head” due to the rocky landscape of the region.  Hua Hin has always been an important part of Thailand. In 1834, its neighbor, Petchaburi province was high by a severe drought, and a group of farmers had to move south to find better terrain. They arrived at a village with white, sandy, gorgeous beaches. They decided to settle in this little slice of heaven and named the village Samor Riang, which means “row of anchors,” after the fishing boats anchored off the beach. It can also be translated as “row of rocks” depending on the tone. (Thai has 5 tones, whereas Mandarin only has 4).

In 1921, the Director of the State Railway, Prince Purachatra, built The Railway Hotel (now called Sofitel Central). This coincided with the construction of the railway line from Bangkok down to the south of Thailand. At around the same time, Royal Hua Hin Golf Course was designed by a Scottish railway engineer and is still one of the best golf courses in Southeast Asia.

Hua Hin is often associated with royalty, and it starts at the turn of the 20th century, when a member of the Thai Royal Family, Prince Chakrabhongse came to Hua Hin on a hunting trip with the Russians. He liked the town so much that he came back to build the first Thai beach villa in Hua Hin. King Rama VI then came and built a summer holiday house here. King Rama VII shared his predecessor’s fascination with the town of Hua Hin and built yet another palace during his reign, calling it Klaikangwon, meaning “far from worries.” This same palace is still used today by the Royal Family, and they spend much of their time in Hua Hin at this classic palace.

Understandably, once the Royal Family adopted Hua Hin as its chosen vacation destination, hi-so Thais and other wealthy families in Thailand started to follow suit. Thus, the town began its legacy of being one of the best weekend destinations from Bangkok.


Surrounding Environment

Hua Hin quite close to a few potential day trips.


Cha-am is similar to Hua Hin but caters to a different clientele. Since Hua Hin is the location of choice for the Royal Family, prices tend to be much higher than in Cha-am. Middle class families and students often find their local beach haven in Cha-am, which is equally as charming and home to one of the longest stretches of beach in Thailand.


Phetchaburi is the province that Hua Hin is in, but is also a destination in and of itself. A glimpse into the old lifestyle of Thais, Phetchaburi is home to many who live on the outskirts of Bangkok. Fantastic markets are found here, as well as a mix of Myanmar and Thai culture. A common nickname is “Living Ayutthaya” since many of the relics that were destroyed in the former capital are better preserved here.


About 90km from Hua Hin, this is a town built along the bay. This is probably what Hua Hin looked like a few decades ago.



Hua Hin has a large variety of hotels and accommodations for all kinds of travelers. From the ultimate luxury to romantic boutique hotels to backpacker style guesthouses. Check out some of our favorites:

First Choice Suites

In a fantastic location right on the beach, First Choice Suites is aptly named because it should be one of your first choices In Hua Hin. There is a fitness center, a pool, restaurant, bar, and is a comfortable 15 min walk to the Hua Hin Market for all the local tasty treats.

Hin Nam Sai Suay

Located close to attractions such as Wat Bo Fai and Royal Queen’s Park, this hotel is a wonderful place to call home for a few days, or more! The food here is touted as scrumptious, and the service as friendly and helpful.  There is a fitness center, a beautiful swimming pool, cable TV, a shower, bar, and 24 hour reception and security to help you and your family/loved ones stay safe.

The Imperial Hua Hin Beach Resort

Only a few minutes away from the beach, The Imperial Hua Hin Beach Resort delivers the best of the best. Room service, a sauna, pool, bar, restaurant, coffee shop and meeting facilities make this the luxurious experience that a business traveler or family would want.

Nantra Hua Hin Hotel

In a convenient location near Hua Hin Pier as well as the shopping mall and night market, this simple and classic budget option is perfect for backpackers or for those who would rather spend the bulk of their vacation budget elsewhere.

My Way Hua Hin Music Hotel

Only a 15 min walk from the beach, and even less from Cicada Market and Hua Hin Market Village.



Hua Hin does have an airport but it’s not recommended that one use it. It’s not very reliable, as flights get cancelled often and it’s often worth the short drive from one of Bangkok’s airports. Therefore, the following options are from Bangkok.


There are multiple train schedules from Bangkok to Hua Hin. Fares are about 250 THB, and take 4-5 hours. The train was built a very long time ago, and is quite slow. However, the ride down is beautiful and definitely an alternative way to see some Thailand scenery.

Getting to the train from BKK: take Airport Rail Link to Phaya Thai BTS (45 THB). Take BTS to Asoke, and transfer to MRT there (42 THB). Take the MRT to Hua Lamphong or Bang Sue, whichever station you’re taking the train from.


Minivans are a common way for locals and backpackers to travel around Thailand. You can find them under Phaya Thai BTS station, exit #2. The trip will cost about 180 THB, and takes between 3-4 hours depending on traffic. Minivans will depart when they’re full, so sometimes there is a small wait (less than 30 min usually) involved. It is advantageous to buy your ticket early and get a good seat, the seats in the back are quite uncomfortable and shorter passengers won’t be able to touch the ground with their feet.  


Getting around in Hua Hin

Hua Hin is relatively easy to get around. Here are your options:


A songthaew is a pick up truck that’s been converted into bus with two lines of benches as seats. They operate like a bus, with passengers being dropped off along the route, and picking up passengers along the way as well. Fares are quoted per person, and are usually 20 THB and up, depending on where you’re going. You ask for the fare before getting on, and pay when you get off.

Motorcycle taxis and tuk-tuks

Car taxis are not too common in Hua Hin, although if necessary your hotel can help you book a private car.

Tuk tuks are open air 3 wheeled vehicles that are quite common in SE Asia. Their fares tend to be higher than motor taxis, but they can also fit more people.

Motorcycle taxis are also common in Hua Hin. Negotiate what the fare will be prior to getting on.


Main Areas

Here are the main areas of Hua Hin area:

  • Khao Takiab

  • Khao Tao

  • Cha-am

  • Khao Kalok

  • Pranburi

  • Phetchaburi



Plern Wan Shopping Village

A peek into the past of Hua Hin, this market, whose name translates to “joy of the yesteryear” is a classic Thai market. Snacks, toys, trinkets and endless hawker style carts dot the landscape while the aroma of food wafts through the air. On the weekends, the outdoor cinema shows films.  

Opening hours: Monday-Thursday from 10:00 - 22:00. Friday: 10:00 - midnight. Saturday: 9:00 - midnight. Sunday: 9:00 - 22:00.


Khao Takiab Hill

For religious and history buffs, “Chopstick Mountain” is the place for you. Offering 360 degree views of Hua Hin, there’s also a temple called Wat Huay Mongkol, which boasts a meditation Luang Phor Thuad statue, which is thought to be the biggest statue of its kind in the world. Clothes appropriate for temples (covered shoulders and knees) is highly recommended out of respect for the religious nature of this hill.

Opening hours: approximately 5am to 10pm

Entrance fee: free



Beach activities

The beach is course the main attraction in Hua Hin. However, it operates a little differently than many of the other beaches in Thailand. Most of the beach is covered by deck chairs which usually require 100 THB to use. However, if you buy food and drinks from the restaurant, that fee will usually be waived. The food is not particularly expensive compared to street prices, although there is a slight beach markup, as expected.

Opening hours: obviously the beach is always open, but restaurants tend to be open 8am to 10pm. Sometimes they’ll shut down when it starts raining.

Entrance fee: again, the beach itself is free, but the lawn chairs are 100THB to rent. However, if you purchase food or drinks from the restaurant, the chair will be free of charge.


Enjoying water park

Black Mountain Water Park opened in 2011, with 9 different waterslides, an infinity pool, wave pool, spa pool, lazy river, and a children’s pool, this park is fun for the whole family. There is food and drink available for purchase, lockers, and staff that are trained to deal with every kind of situation.

Opening hours:  everyday from 10:00 to 18:00.

Entrance fee: 600 THB for adults, 300 THB for children.



Black Montain Golf Club is listed as the “Best Course in Thailand” for the last 5 years, and winner of the “Best Course in Asia Pacific” in 2014 and 2015, this modern, sprawling course has everything one could desire.

Opening hours: flexible with booking, but generally 9am to 5pm everyday

Entrance fee: depends on package, 1000 THB and up.


Travel Tips

  1. Sunscreen - much of the sunscreen sold in Thailand has whitening cream in it, often to the dismay of many a Western traveler who hopes to return home with a vacation tan. Make sure you read the labels carefully, you can usually find sunscreen without whitening cream in it in Western type pharmacy shops such as Boots and Watsons and occasionally even 7-11.

  2. Tipping - tipping is not customary in Thailand, but is highly appreciated for good service. For services such as massages and haircuts, it is customary to tip an additional 50-100 THB for a job well done. However, at most restaurants, a tip is not expected unless the waiter/waitress provided exceptional service.

  3. The wai - a traditional way communication within Thailand, the wai is the pressing together of one’s palms in a gesture that can mean a variety of things such as saying “hello” or “sorry” or just as a sign of respect. The higher the wai the more respect. For instance, when applying the wai to the king or monk, one’s fingertips are higher than the top of one’s head. When applying it to friends or acquaintances, the fingertips approach either the nose or the bottom of the chin. It is customary to return the wai at the same level it was given.