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My Cards

Save yourself from adding the same details repeatedly. Add your credit card details in My Cards and enjoy seamless payments in a few taps!

Add Cards

Simply enter the details of your preferred credit cards into My Cards. You can add up to three (3) credit cards into My Cards for next payments!

Make a payment

In a rush to complete your payment? With your card details saved in My Cards, you can process your next payment only in a few taps!

Manage Cards

The freedom to manage your preferred cards is in your hands. Add more cards or remove them from My Cards anytime you need to.

Here’s where you can use My Cards

You can use My Cards for the following Traveloka products.

Top-up & Data Package
Flight + Hotel
Bill Payment
Airport Transport
Bus & Shuttle
Beauty & Spa
Airport Train
Budget Rooms
Last Minute Hotel

Secure and hassle-free payment method with travelokaPay

My Cards

Add your preferred cards and pay for your booking with just a few taps!

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