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DAMRI, short for Djawatan Angkoetan Motor Repoeblik Indonesia, was established in 1943 and is a state-owned public transportation service company. The journey of this bus operator started back in the Japanese colonial era. During that time, the Japanese government established two transportation companies, Jawa Unyu Zigyosha to transport goods and Zidosha Sokyoku for passenger transportation.

After Indonesia gained independence in 1945, the two companies were nationalized by the Indonesian government and changed their name into Djawatan Pengangkoetan and Djawatan Angkoetan Darat. They then merged to become DAMRI on 25 November 1946.

DAMRI's head office is located on Jl. Matraman Raya No. 25, East Jakarta. DAMRI’s customer service is available through Hello DAMRI at 1500-825. The company carries the motto SMILE (Smart, Motivation, Innovation, Learning, Ethics & Integrity) in serving people’s needs for mobility.

As a state-owned company, DAMRI provides seven types of services, which are intra-city transportation, intercity transportation (AKAP), cross-border transportation, public transportation (DAMRI Airport), tourism transportation, government transportation, and logistics transportation. All services are operated using modern, comfortable, safe, and classy fleets.

In addition, DAMRI has also proven its quality through many achievements. In 2013, this state-owned company earned more than 1 trillion rupiahs. In 2015, DAMRI obtained the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate and received the second best award for Transportation Safety 2016 from the Ministry of Transportation. DAMRI also received an award from Garuda Indonesia at eight Hajj embassies.

With a total fleet of almost 3,000 units, DAMRI operates in most areas in Indonesia. Moreover, DAMRI’s operational activities are not only for profits. It also plays a social role as a transportation provider for a number of isolated routes in the country, as mandated by the government. This social role not only facilitates people’s mobility but also make it easier to transport goods to remote areas.

Currently, DAMRI also provides transportation services from and to the airport by using DAMRI Airport Shuttle. This airport transfer service is available in 22 cities across Indonesia. Some of the most popular routes are Halim Perdanakusuma Airport – Bekasi and Halim Perdanakusuma Airport – Bogor.

DAMRI Services and Facilities

Airport DAMRI (DAMRI Bandara) offers DAMRI Airport Shuttle to travel from and to the airport. DAMRI Airport Shuttle guarantees passengers to arrive on time to the airport. It is also a practical choice for passengers traveling from the airport.

DAMRI Airport Shuttle services offer an affordable, comfortable, and punctual trip. The fleets are fully equipped with AC, reclining seats, and luggage storage. Safety and health support equipment are also available to ensure passenger safety.

Why Use DAMRI?

More affordable prices.

Hourly departure

Flexible schedules

How to Use Your DAMRI Voucher

To Airport
  • Once payment is confirmed, your Traveloka voucher will be sent via email. You can also see it via My Booking.
  • On the departure date, go to your boarding location and show the voucher to the DAMRI staff.
  • If the shuttle bus is already full, you can choose the next available schedule.
  • Get off at your flight’s departure terminal at Halim Perdanakusuma Airport.
From Airport
  • Once payment is confirmed, your Traveloka voucher will be sent via email. You can also see it via My Booking.
  • When you arrive at Halim Perdanakusuma Airport, go to the DAMRI’s pick-up point at the arrival terminal, located beside the KFC near the taxi pick-up area.
  • Show the voucher to the DAMRI staff to board the bus.
  • If the shuttle bus is already full, you can board the next available schedule.
  • Get off at your preferred drop-off point.

DAMRI Schedule

Route 1: Bekasi - Halim Airport

From Bekasi

From Halim Airport

Route 2: Bogor - Halim Airport

From Bogor

From Halim

Airport Transfer Partners

We team up with top domestic and foreign transportation companies to give you a comfortable ride from and to the airport.

Contact DAMRI


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Jalan Matraman Raya No.25, Kota Jakarta Timur
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 13140