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Payment Confirmation and Verification

Your payment is confirmed when you receive your e-ticket/voucher in your email. 

If you have not received the e-ticket/voucher within 60 minutes after completing your payment, it is possible that you might have entered the wrong one-time password (OTP) (if you paid by credit card), the wrong account number, or the wrong amount (if you paid by bank transfer).

In any case, please upload your payment proof so our team can conduct further checking. Here’s how you can upload your payment proof on Traveloka desktop website.

1. Tap your account on the top right corner of the page and select Purchase List.

2. Select the booking that you have just paid for and click Continue to Payment. Scroll down to Completed Your Payment? and click I Have Completed Payment.

3. Click Upload Payment Proof. Select the file you want to upload, and click Open. You will be able to see the status of your payment in My Booking.

Your payment should be verified and you should receive your e-ticket/voucher in approximately 15 minutes after you have uploaded your payment proof.

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