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AC Milan Football Match Tickets | Italy

San Siro
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AC Milan boasts a rich history with numerous domestic and international titles, including multiple UEFA Champions League victories
The club has been home to football icons like Paolo Maldini, Franco Baresi, and Zlatan Ibrahimović, contributing to its esteemed legacy
AC Milan has seen a recent revival in Serie A, consistently competing for top honors and working towards reclaiming its position as a football powerhouse

- What you can expect -

AC Milan is a professional football club based in Milan, Italy. Established in 1899, the club is one of the most successful and storied football teams globally. AC Milan has a rich history of domestic and international success, winning numerous Serie A titles and UEFA Champions League trophies.

Known for its iconic red and black striped jerseys, AC Milan has been home to legendary players over the years, contributing to its prestigious legacy. The club has a massive fan base and plays its home matches at the San Siro Stadium in Milan, one of the most renowned football stadiums in the world.

— Ticket Type Information —

1. VIP Category:

VIP Hospitality : Central seats first tier orange (sect 158 or 160)

*Hospitality in Executive Orange Lounge - pre-match meal buffet style with soft drinks/beers/wines included (2h00 before the Kick Off)

2. Standard Category

CAT 1 Premium: 1st ring red longside + 1st ring orange Central

— Important Info —

If a match date changes from Sunday to Friday, Saturday or Monday there are NO refunds for any cancellations.
If a match date changes from a Wednesday to Tuesday or Thursday there are NO refunds for any cancellations.
All games are scheduled on Sunday or Wednesday, but their definitive date and time can be confirmed a week before the event. It is the customer’s responsibility to check the exact date and time of the game, the official Italian Football League website.

1) For weekend games it can be moved from Sunday to Friday, Saturday or Monday.

2) For mid-week games, it can be moved from Wednesday to Tuesday or Thursday.

3) We recommend to book flights and accommodations according to the possible changes, with at least 1 day before the scheduled date. Clubs reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at their sole discretion at any time and short notice.

MATCH POSTPONEMENT: If a match is postponed at short notice due to poor weather conditions, industrial action, force mayor or any other reason not within the control of the football club or TV companies, the match ticket will remain valid for the rescheduled date and no refunds will be made. Depending on availability alternative match may be offered.
Please note that all the match tickets for the Italian League and Champions League for this upcoming 2023 / 2024 football season will be nominal. This applies to both regular and vip tickets.If the tickets are not registered with all customer information, that is, full names for all pax in the booking, passport number, date of birth and nationality unfortunately match tickets would not be confirmed and be dispatched from the clubs.
We do not guarantee odd numbers, only pairs ( if you want to seat together)
Please be aware that once tickets are purchased, they are non-cancellable
We kindly request that you ensure your availability on any of the days within the specified period before finalizing your ticket purchase.

San Siro Stadium Seating Map

SEAT ALLOCATION (All tickets are guaranteed together minimum in pairs. By together we mean connected seats as shown in the following configurations:

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